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If you want to beat an addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are a number of different ways you can go about doing so. Some people attempt to beat their addiction by stopping cold turkey while others choose outpatient or inpatient drug rehab, like Lancaster County Drug Rehab. The cold turkey method is effective for some people, but most people experience far more success by undergoing drug rehab. Now that you’ve acknowledged that you have an issue with alcohol or drugs, rehab can be the next step that you take to ensure lasting recovery from your addiction. Here is some information about the benefits of drug rehab.

Benefits of Lancaster County Drug Rehab

As you can expect, there are many factors that play a role in the success of drug rehab. Recently, a study of over 1,000 drug and alcohol addicts suggested that extended abstinence was a strong indicator of long-term recovery. Some other findings of the study include:

  • About 33 percent of individuals who maintained abstinence for less than a year actually remained abstinent.
  • Fewer than half of addicts who reached one year of abstinence relapsed.
  • Once people hit five years of abstinence, the risk of relapse was lower than 15 percent.

When it comes to addiction recovery, HealthLineRX often have a multidisciplinary approach. Residential drug rehab centers can offer a welcoming and warm environment for patients who want to recover from addiction. This is particularly true when the drug rehab center is located in a beautiful and private location. The detoxification process differs from patient to patient, but the process usually involves medication, dietary modifications, medical supervision, exercise, and more.

Residential drug rehab centers provide care and treatment in an environment that is structured. Care and treatment begins with the detoxification and withdrawal process and ends with continued treatment strategies after discharge. Drug rehab also involves education intended to teach patients about addiction and its triggers. Once a patient has a good understanding of addiction and its effect on the body and mind, they will be better able to control their lives and fight their addiction. Therapists work with patients to pinpoint triggers and stressors for addiction as well as obstacles they are likely to face.

Undoubtedly, drug rehab is the right step for most people to take if they want to recover from their addiction. For more information about the benefits of Lancaster County drug rehab, don’t hesitate to contact us.