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'Life challenges' is something that we should all be familiar with by now. Everyone faces challenges, be it in school, at work, or even in our homes. Whenever things are not working out according to plan, chaos quickly sets in. Situations that bring about chaos are therefore inevitable as long as you are alive. It goes without saying that maybe being prepared in case such situations arise could be a good game plan.

Chaos is when you were expecting a certain outcome and the complete freak opposite case scenario takes place. Chaos is when things are in order, fantastic and gully when suddenly the phone rings. It could be your boss, your landlord, your bank or maybe your partner – I'm sure you could use your imagination to see where this is going. We have all experienced those days where we get out of bed standing on cloud nine, ready to seize the day when things just seem to slowly break apart at the seams as the day progresses.

Chaos can quickly cause stress if you are not in a position to handle the situation or change of plans. This is because when such matters arise, most of us tend to get emotional. Emotions can easily hinder your ability to assess and make decisive judgments on an issue. The secret to dealing with a chaotic situation is to keep a strong mind, while always maintaining control over the situation at hand, no matter what.

Being in control does not mean contolling the situation; it means responding from state of clarity and compusure while in a stressful situation– this no simple task though. It requires an individual with a strong mind and with an ability to see beyond the problem–rising above the circumstance.

Here are some tips on how you can maintain a strong mind through times of chaos.

1. Developing integrity.

Integrity, in this case, refers to the virtue of being honest with yourself. Having inner integrity means that you live according to the principles and values that you have set for yourself.

Integrity requires that you stand for what you believe regardless of whether it pleases or annoys the people around you. Being able to stand for what you believe in at all times ensures that you maintain consistency in your life’s decisions. This goes a long way in assisting you to deal with a chaotic situation. Learning how to use your moral compass as an inner guide can prove extremely useful in times of challenge. This may take practice, but developing awareness is key.

Self-integrity allows you to remain calm even when the challenges prove too much to bear. The reason being that you will always deal with the matters in a pre-determined manner set in your principles and values. In simpler words, inner integrity builds a strong mind and character that later translates into consistency and ease in dealing with chaotic situations.

Besides integrity helping you build a stronger mind, it also enables you to command respect from your peers and other people within your environment. People always admire a person with character and self respect–it stands out in a positive way. People will always have confidence in a person who can stand by what they believe.

2. Having trust

Sometimes all it takes to get out of a difficult situation is having faith that things will always work out and then intending to make it happen. Once we understand that we are slaves of our imagination is the moment that we relax and deal with the challenges comfortably from a state of clarity.

Constantly reminding yourself that tough times do not last help you maintain a strong mind in times of chaos. It gives you the strength to move on and overcome the challenge no matter how difficult it may be. Since you cannot predict what the future holds, sometimes the belief of better times is all we got. 

Some people may argue out that depending on faith does not solve our problems. To the contrary, everything we do relies on our ability to believe in it and trust that all we go according to plan. Otherwise, no one would ever try out anything, and the world would not be the same.

Having the faith in a better outcome and instilling it in our minds makes us stronger and puts us in a position to calmly deal with all challenges. It is the hope of a better outcome that makes us believe in the saying that 'tough times do not last, but tough people do.'

3. Acquire knowledge through studies and research

For a long time now people have been chanting that 'knowledge is power.' I have come to believe this to be true. Acquiring knowledge through reading books and research of intelligent people enlightens us on many issues – providing us with a deeper perpective. 

Through studies and research, we get to learn how to see around corners when faced with challenge. This helps prepare adequately for life`s curve balls by providing guidelines on how to approach these challenges. 

This knowledge helps build a strong mind by creating confidence in us that we are ready for anything that life may throw at us. In the end, we find ourselves capable of maintaining a strong mindset, even when situations are out of control.

Dealing with challenges is something that we should all be prepared to do. You do not have to lose control and get fou emotional. The above tips can help you get through any difficult situation with ease and confidence.

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