ASCA Member Retirement Plan Program

The ASCA Member Retirement Plan is a 401(k) retirement plan benefit available exclusively to ASCA members.

The plan is designed to allow participating facilities an opportunity to reduce their administrative burden, streamline employee benefit offerings and offload fiduciary liability.


  • Group pricing: Economies of scale allow for additional cost savings not typically available for individual plans.
  • Fiduciary protection: As the named fiduciary of the ASCA Member Retirement Plan, ASCA leadership hires and monitors service providers, continually reviews plan fees and expenses, and ensures plan compliance with Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and US Department of Labor (DOL) regulations.
  • Convenient setup: Dedicated plan support/transition staff and direct access to two financial advisors who can provide immediate assistance.
  • Ease of use: Access to intuitive technology platforms that are purpose-built for participants and administrators.
  • Reduced administrative burden: No more individual form 5500 filing and no annual plan maintenance fee.*
    *Plan maintenance fees and administrative costs are subject to change. 

The ASCA Member Retirement Plan is an excellent opportunity to help your employees save for retirement, reduce plan administration and allow your facility to focus on its primary mission of providing top-quality patient care.

Not a member? Join ASCA to take advantage of this exciting new benefit.

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If you have questions or would like additional information about the ASCA Member Retirement Plan, please contact:

Robert Lembo, CLU