PIH Thank You

From: Dr. Gary Gottlieb, Chief Executive Officer, Partners In Health

On behalf of the more than 18,000 people working with Partners In Health in 10 countries, I am so pleased to thank the ASCA Foundation for your truly generous support of our work in some of the world’s poorest communities. Thank you for your foundation gift, and for raising awareness about our efforts among your members. We are deeply grateful for your partnership in our work to provide lifesaving surgical care to families and communities who might otherwise have no access to these resources.

The full spectrum of health care is a basic human right and readily accessible high quality surgical care is a key component of every strong, stable and sustainable health system. Therefore, PIH seeks to provide these services to all patients in need, and we make every effort to do so free of charge.

PIH also aspires to train the next generation of local professionals at each of our sites. This will ensure that the number of talented local people who will be available to provide superb care to their neighbors will grow continuously long into the future. In this vein, a surgical residency program and subspecialty mentorships are helping to build a workforce of exceptional young surgeons at the PIH-funded University Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti.

Thank you again for your support and partnership. Together, we are making the world a little better and a little more just.



Dr. Gary Gottlieb