Nap Gary Legacy Award

Ambulatory Surgery Center Association Recognizes Nap Gary with New Legacy Award

The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) of Alexandria, Virginia, today recognized former ASCA and ASCA Foundation Board President Nap Gary with an outstanding service award named in his honor during the opening session of ASCA 2016, ASCA’s annual meeting taking place in Dallas, Texas, this week. That award, now known as the Nap Gary Legacy Award, recognizes lifetime service to the ASC community.

Gary, himself, proposed the new award while serving as past president of the ASCA and ASCA Foundation Boards of Directors. Then, as he was preparing to take part in ASCA’s annual meeting last year, he unexpectedly passed away. The other Board members who served with Gary elected to name the award in his honor. Gary’s wife, Amy, received the award today on his behalf. “ASCA was Nap’s passion, as you all know,” she said. “This award means so much to us. I thank you on behalf of the whole family.”

In addition to long years of service on ASCA and the ASCA Foundation’s Board of Directors, Gary was instrumental in leading the organization’s early advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill. One of the projects he spearheaded during his Board tenure was a partnership established between the ASCA Foundation and Partners In Health (PIH), a nonprofit global health organization that provides health care services to some of the world’s neediest citizens. As part of the award, the ASCA Foundation will make a $5,000 contribution to PIH.

Partners in Health responded with deep gratitude to the ASCA Foundation’s recent donation and ongoing support. Read more.