ASC Physician Brief

ASCA’s quarterly “ASC Physician Brief” provides critical information about emerging trends, legislative and regulatory policymaking and changes in the healthcare marketplace. Our enduring commitment to ASC advocacy makes ASCA uniquely positioned to bring ASC physicians the news they need to stay informed and lead the facilities they own and operate in to continued success.

ASC Physician BriefFall 2022

Healthcare Providers Ask Congress for Payment Cut Relief – Physicians facing Medicare cuts in 2023 unless Congress acts

Rising Costs Exceed Revenue Increases in Physician Practices – Operating costs are rising faster than revenue

Studies Referenced:
KaufmanHall Physician Flash Report

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ASC Physician BriefSpring 2022

ASCs Grapple with Surprise Billing Compliance – ASCA working to provide compliance information and resources

Copay Penalty Causes ASC Patients to Pay More – Legislation would fix Medicare copay issue

Studies Referenced –
2022 Physician Compensation Report

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ASC Physician BriefWinter 2021

Congress Averts Physician Pay Cuts – 2% sequester remains suspended for first quarter 2022

Surprise Medical Billing – New regulations take effect January 1, 2022

Studies Referenced –
Shifting Common Procedures to Ambulatory Surgery Centers Can Save Patients More Than $680

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ASC Physician BriefFall 2021

Biden Administration Reveals Medicare Priorities – New administration proposes updates to Medicare rates and policies

ASCs Under Cyberattack – Three ways to protect your patient's health information

Studies Referenced –
COVID-19’s Impact On Acquisitions of Physician Practices and Physician Employment 2019-2020

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Spring 2021 ASC Physician BriefSpring 2021

A Year Unlike Any Other – ASCA’s pandemic efforts on behalf of the ASC community

Market Insights – New procedures signals future growth for the ASC market

Studies Referenced –
Reducing Medicare Costs by Migrating Volume from HOPDs to ASCs

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