Salary & Benefits Survey

ASCA’s Salary & Benefits Survey collects national, regional and state data on 20+ ASC positions. This is a vital tool that assists ASCs in attracting and retaining the best employees. The survey is conducted every other year, in odd-numbered years.

The 2019 survey was open to all ASCs, and there was no cost to participate. ASCA members and nonmembers who completed at least 40 percent of the survey will receive personalized results for free.

Results will also be available for purchase for ASCs that did not participate.

Data collection for the 2019 survey closed on May 31. Results will be available in early August. ASCA will contact ASCs that participated in the 2019 survey once their results are ready.

2019 Survey Results Pricing

Results from the 2019 Salary & Benefits Survey will be available in early August.

Survey Participants (ASCA Members/Nonmembers): $0*
ASCA Members: $299
Nonmembers: $399

*In order to receive the results for free, participants must complete at least 40 percent of the survey.

About the Survey

ASCA’s Salary & Benefits Survey allows ASCs to compare their compensation packages to similar ASCs, negotiate a raise, or determine salary and benefits for a new position. ASCs can benchmark their information with other ASCs from the same region, with a similar number of employees, of the same specialty, with a similar number of patient encounters and more.

The online platform provides users with personalized graphical reports and countless options for data comparison to create the most meaningful reports possible.

New in 2019

  • Data entry progress icons that make it easy to measure your progress within each section
  • Collapsible/expandable help text that streamlines data entry pages
  • N/a answer option for questions that don’t apply to your facility
  • Minimum/maximum answer ranges that flag values outside of the expected range
  • New questions about the infection preventionist position


If you have questions about ASCA’s Salary & Benefits Survey, please contact ASCA at or 703.836.8808.