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ASCs provide high quality care at a low cost. Yet many policymakers are unaware of the countless benefits that ASCs provide to our patients and the community. Hosting a tour of your center for a policymaker gives you the unique opportunity show them firsthand the benefits that your ASC provides.

Furthermore, hosting a facility tour creates a personal connection between you and your elected officials that may directly affect ASC-related legislation and regulation. Events like these raise the profile of ASCs in the health care marketplace and ensure support during key policy-making processes.

Administrators, nurses, doctors, and policymakers gain valuable experience learning about one another. Here is what some are saying (more below):

  • After the touring Raleigh Endoscopy Center in Cary, NC, US Representative Renee Ellmers (R-NC-2), a registered nurse, noted, “From my experience, ambulatory surgery centers are much more efficient than hospitals.”

  • After US Representative Adam Smith (D-WA-9) saw the Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine facility in Bellevue, Washington, Frank Gilbert, clinical administrator of the center, said that hosting policymakers gives them a different view of ASCs, especially when it becomes an experience. He noted, “When we host a facility tour, we have a captive audience and always try and get them into scrubs.” Proliance CEO Dave Fitzgerald, added, “I am proud that our physicians understand that engaging with their elected officials is critically important.”

Learn how to become a part of raising the profile of ASCs, build a personal relationship with your elected officials and ultimately affect change in legislation and regulations by emailing Danielle Kaster at, downloading the ASCA Facility Tour Toolkit, or navigating through the tabs below.

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It all starts with a simple invitation. It does not have to be complicated, simply: Dear Legislator, please visit our ASC. If you’re looking for a place to start, click here for a template of an invite letter to send to your Member of Congress or the Administration.

The hard part is done. You have gotten them to agree to come. Usually there will be some back and forth as to the exact day and time and what staff will be with the legislator. You just have to decide who will lead the tour and what you want to show them. Will they observe a surgery or will you just have them conduct a walkthrough? Show them what you do on a daily basis. An easy way is to go through the process a patient would go through from start to finish. Remember, the more you show them the whole story of patient care the more likely they will be supportive.

Talk to them about why you like working at an ASC, why your patients like coming to your ASC and the quality of care your ASC provides. Follow that up with the challenges your center faces and the impact it has on the community.

We have several issue briefs for you to read and hand out during your tour as well as a talking point sheet for you to reference.

This is the most important part. Now that you have the legislator’s attention, you have to follow up so that they remember. Legislators have thousands of meetings every year. Make yours stand out by following up with a thank you letter that reminds him of the issues you discussed and invites them to reach out to you as a resource on issues. Then let us know you had the visit. We can follow up with the legislator’s DC office and answer any further questions they may have.

Washington State Senator Randi Becker, after touring the Harmony Surgery Center and the Orthopedic Center of the Rockies in Fort Collins, Colorado, said, “It was an excellent trip… I [am] committed to quality patient care and reducing costs; and, Colorado is certainly a leader in this regard.”

“Seeing Tri-Cities Surgery Center in Geneva [Illinois] first-hand revealed how ASCs deliver key outpatient care and implement positive changes within our health care system. Tri-Cities ensures that 14th District residents can remain healthy and enjoy same-day care. During my Community Leadership Health Care Forum in August, ASCs were recognized for their ability to reduce consumer cost and expand consumer choice of care,” said US Representative Randy Hultgren (R-IL-14).

Following a tour of the Raleigh Endoscopy with US Representative Renee Ellmers (R-NC-2), Dr. Michael Brody, a center physician, let the congresswoman know directly why he finds ASCs are so important to delivering the best health care to patients: “I can do twice as many procedures in the same time in this ASC. It’s that time between the procedures at a hospital that extends the wait times.”

Rebecca Craig, ASCA vice president and CEO of Harmony Surgery Center in Fort Collins, Colorado, after hosting Washington State Senator Randi Becker (R-WA-2) and Washington state Representative Laurie Jinkins (D-WA-27) noted, “We enjoyed speaking with the legislators. The more education we provide the better.”

After New Jersey Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-NJ-6) toured The Endo Center at Voorhees in Voorhees, New Jersey, Andrew Weiss, administrator and treasurer of the New Jersey Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers, stated, “This was a superb meeting and we had an in-depth discussion on issues impacting ASCs in New Jersey.”

Having a legislator tour your facility is an extremely impactful way to make a difference and start a dialogue between you and the legislator about ASCs and the health care industry.

Click here to download a template of an invite letter to send to your Member of Congress or the Administration.

Click here to download a template of a media release that your ASC could issue following your event.

If you have hosted a tour or would like assistance preparing for one, contact Danielle Kaster with any questions or comments.


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