MedTrainer: Online Learning and Compliance

An ASCA Affinity Partner

ASCA has formed an affinity partnership with MedTrainer to provide ASCs with education offerings and compliance and credentialing management.

MedTrainer combines a learning management system (LMS) with tools that assist with managing governance, risk and compliance (GRC). ASCs will be able to access, organize and manage their facilities’:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Contracts
  • Equipment maintenance schedules
  • Incident reporting
  • Safety plans

MedTrainer makes compliance management accessible, 24/7, to all ASCs at a price they can afford.

About MedTrainer

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MedTrainer's vision is to empower healthcare organizations through compliance automation. Whether you need training courses, documents and policies management, a better way to handle SDS sheets, or help with the tediousness of credentialing, MedTrainer is the only company that helps with all of the compliance tasks you have to do in one cloud-based solution.

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