State Resource Center

ASCA's State Affairs department is intended to complement and support the efforts of state associations. By working with state ASC associations and industry leaders, the state affairs program is able to identify and analyze critical health policy issues concerning ASCs at the state level and promote their ability to continue providing high-quality patient care.

State Law Database

ASCA's State Law Database is an interactive map that allows ASCA members to explore detailed information on statutory and regulatory requirements in every state that impact ASCs. Members will be notified as updates and additional areas of interest are added.

State Associations

ASCA encourages all of its members to join their state associations and get involved in strengthening the ASC community at the state and local levels. Visit ASCA's State Associations page to find contact information for your state association.

State Affairs Committee

The ASCA State Affairs Committee was established to foster better communication and coordination between ASCA and the state associations to facilitate information sharing and eliminate duplication of efforts.

Government Affairs Update

ASCA publishes a weekly e-newsletter to ensure the ASC community stays informed.

Please contact Stephen Abresch with any questions or comments regarding the initiatives above, or for more information on the ASCA State Affairs department.