OAS CAHPS: Getting Started


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SESSION: March 13, 2024, 1:00 pm ET

Speaker(s): Rebecca Craig | Margaret Sherman
Continuing Education: This session does not provide continuing education credits.

Finding the right vendor and setting up the Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (OAS CAHPS) Survey takes time. Hear from staff at two ASCs on how they researched and chose the appropriate vendor and picked the appropriate mode based on patient population. This short live webinar will also provide valuable information on educating ASC staff on OAS CAHPS implementation.

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Rebecca Craig
Chief Executive Officer, Harmony Surgery Center

Margaret Sherman
Director of Nursing, South Jersey Vascular Surgery Center

Public Chat from Session

Leatha M.   1:07 PM
(ASCA moderator note: information apparently provided by Press Ganey): Please note that mail and email surveys count toward official OAS CAHPS, but text messages and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) do not. In the event that a patient does not meet OAS CAHPS eligibility requirements, they would receive the text/IVR survey methodology.


For official OAS CAHPS via mail and eSurvey, the cadence would be as follows:

  • Wave 1 comes as an email with a unique link they can click on to complete the survey.
  • Wave 2 comes 7 days later as a reminder email with the same unique link.
  • Wave 3 comes another 14 days later as a mailed survey packet.
  • Wave 4 comes 7 days later as a final reminder email.


For unofficial OAS CAHPS via text/IVR, the cadence would be as follows:

  • Wave 1 – SMS/Text – Immediate upon data transfer to Press Ganey
  • Wave 2 – email – 2 days after wave 1 SMS/Text
  • Wave 3 – email – 2 days after wave 2 email
  • Wave 4 – IVR phone call (3 attempts) – begin IVR calling 3 days after wave 3 email


Heidi K.   1:08 PM
Can you share what vendor you ended up going with?

Lee M.   1:09 PM
I think we are going with Press Ganey.

Carrie B.   1:10 PM
We use Press Ganey too.

Bobbi F.   1:11 PM
Any experience with Sullivan Luallin?

Katie C.   1:12 PM
I also did Nexus and they met my lowest quote.

jennifer r.   1:12 PM
We use Press Ganey as well.

Lisa W.   1:12 PM
RMS anyone?

Dawna N.   1:12 PM
You stated you started early to work the bugs. What problems did you have?

Brenda M.   1:13 PM
We explored RMS and they landed at #2 in our RFI process. We ended up going with Arbor Associates. We are a small Pain ASC and their process was simple and cost effective for our needs.

jennifer r.   1:14 PM
We have been reporting since the end of 2017.

Erika F.   1:14 PM
Is anyone willing to disclose roughly how much you are paying for services?

Brenda M.   1:14 PM
Many of these survey companies will give you tiered options.

Patricia B.   1:14 PM
We do not have an EMR system. Is this a requirement to work with these vendors? Our organization did look into setting this up with Press Gainey a few years ago and we were unable to get things moving forward so we dropped the process of setting this up at that time.

Leslie C.   1:15 PM
Can you describe the hybrid mode?

Brenda M.   1:16 PM
Patricia B. We do not have an EMR and it is NOT a requirement to have an EHR. You just have to be able to give the survey provider the data they need however you do it. We run the data from our billing system.

Jenny H.   1:16 PM
We are a single physician, single specialty in pain management. What happens if you don't meet the 200 that is required, even if you are attempting?

Dawna N.   1:18 PM
Any recommendations for facilities that are not using an EMR?

Samantha R.   1:18 PM
Do you attempt to survey all your patients? If not, how do you determine which patients to survey?

Brenda M.   1:20 PM
We are a small facility (PAIN) and we survey all of our patients. Historically (pre-OAS CAHPS) we surveyed quarterly and were getting a good response rate (28%). We were able to capture about 240 patients on average each year. We do not have an EHR...we were surveying manually with a mail out process.

jennifer r.   1:22 PM
We also use SIS and Press Ganey and I agree with Rebecca it has been very easy to use.

Jenna F.   1:23 PM
We have started implementing using Press Ganey. We are seeing that patients are often blaming us for things that have happened at the doctor’s office. Have you seen this within your center and have you found ways to help patients with knowing that the survey is just for the center?

Crystal L.   1:24 PM
If 200 surveys per year is the CMS requirement, can we suspend the service for the remainder of the year and return to our "current" survey process?

jennifer r.   1:24 PM
I agree with Jenna F that we also see the comments that refer to the doctor's office and not at the facility.

Rick L.   1:26 PM
If a patient comes back multiple times (like pain pts), do you send them a survey every time?

Nikki W.   1:26 PM
We see this frequently re: comments in the clinic, as well as comments post operatively. We have started sending comments to the clinics/departments.

Alfonso d.G.   1:26 PM
We educate patients at the center to differentiate between us and the physicians/offices.

Michelle W.   1:26 PM
What are the consequences for not participating in OAS CAHPS at all? What are the consequences if the facility does participate in OAS CAHPS but does not get 200 surveys completed as required?

Jenna F.   1:26 PM
They are lumping us into one entity; our old survey didn't show us these results.

Brenda M.   1:27 PM
Rick L. We send them a survey every time. Most come back 4X a year for their "epidurals" and yes we survey every time.

Alfonso d.G.   1:27 PM
Sorry, 200 per what period?

Wendy H.   1:28 PM
We tell them about the survey and tell them we would appreciate their honest feedback.

Julie L.   1:30 PM
What about the reports you get back? Easy to navigate?

Jenny H.   1:30 PM
Are we penalized if your scores don't reach a certain percentage?

Brenda M.   1:30 PM
Agreed!! Start early!

Nikki W.   1:30 PM
Do either of you compare yourselves to other ASCs or simply look at your own ratings?

Alfonso d.G.   1:30 PM
What is the average return rate (%)?

Dawna N.   1:32 PM
Are we penalized if the rates are low or is it based on participation only?


Kara Newbury