Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey

Gain vital insights into your ASC’s performance—and how it compares to other facilities—with ASCA's Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey.

This valuable survey gives you access to a full year of national comparison data you can use to improve clinical outcomes, billing performance, staffing and more at your ASC.

Intuitive reporting and filtering features make it easy to measure your facility’s performance against all participating facilities or against similar ASCs (based on size, specialty, location and other characteristics). You can also use insights from the survey to identify areas to address in a QAPI study.

Survey subscriptions include access to data from all four quarters of the year, and participation is open to all ASCs. ASCA members save $150 on survey subscriptions.

The survey meets AAAHC’s Advanced Orthopaedic Certification requirements as a nationally recognized specialty-specific data repository.*

Survey Content Areas

  • Overall Reporting
    • Volume
    • Quality
    • Operational Measures
    • Outcomes
    • Complications
    • Staffing
    • Financial
  • Specialty Reporting
    • Total Joint Procedures*
    • Complex Spine Procedures*
    • Ophthalmology Procedures*

Subscribe to the 2024 Survey

Purchase your Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey subscription today to keep your facility on track for success in 2024 and beyond.

ASCA Member Price: $349 (savings of $150)

Nonmember Price: $499

NOTE TO 2023 SUBSCRIBERS: Survey subscriptions are for one year only; you will need to purchase a new subscription to participate in 2024. 

Survey Schedule

Below are the data submission periods and dates the reports will be available for the survey:

Reporting Period Data Submission Period Reports Available
First Quarter (Q1) April 1 – April 30 May 15
Second Quarter (Q2) July 1 – July 31 August 15
Third Quarter (Q3) October 1 – October 31 November 15
Fourth Quarter (Q4) January 1 – January 31 February 15

As you begin to enter quarter one data, there are a few updates to the platform

  1. You must update/complete the “ASC Profile” section every year. Most of the filters are in this section, so it is important for all ASCs to update/complete this section.
  2. The platform now has a feature that changes what questions the participant sees based on how certain questions are answered. Three new questions have been added under Section I- Volume that will determine whether a specialty section of the survey is hidden.
  3. Data validation has been added to the multi-part questions. If a number is entered in these questions to make the calculation invalid, a pop-up box will appear to warrant checking the numbers again.


If you have questions about ASCA's Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey or the online subscription process, please email ASCA at or call our Member Services team at 703.836.8808.