Benchmarking Surveys

Benchmark Against Your Peers

ASCs operating in today's competitive healthcare marketplace need to know how they stack up against other ASCs in the industry. ASCA's benchmarking surveys make it easy for ASCs to track their own metrics, compare the results to similar facilities and identify areas of improvement.


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Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey

This quarterly survey provides valuable quality and performance data you can use to improve clinical outcomes, billing performance, staffing and more at your ASC. ASCA members save $150 on annual survey subscriptions.

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Culture of Safety Survey

This survey invites all ASC employees to rate their attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values about patient safety in their center, providing valuable insights into how safety issues are addressed. This survey is currently closed; ASCA will announce when a new survey period has been set.

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Salary & Benefits Survey

This survey, conducted every other year, collects national, regional, and state data on 20+ ASC positions to assist ASCs in attracting and retaining the best employees. Participation is open to the entire ASC community, and facilities that complete at least 40 percent of the survey receive results for free. Results are also available for purchase by nonparticipating facilities.