Administration & Ownership

Benefits of Physician Ownership

In the ASC setting, physicians can schedule procedures more conveniently for patients, assemble teams of specially trained and highly skilled staff, ensure that the equipment and supplies being used are best-suited to their techniques and design facilities tailored to their specialties.

ASC Ownership, 2021

Better Accountability

Physician ownership allows for maximum professional control over the clinical environment and the quality of care delivered to patients. This advanced model of service enhances the delivery of care by allowing physician operators to:

  • focus exclusively on a small number of procedures in a single setting;
  • intensify quality control processes since ASCs rely on a smaller amount of space and fewer operating rooms than most hospitals; and
  • afford patients the ability to bring any concerns directly to the physician operator who has direct knowledge about each patient’s case, rather than deal with hospital administrators who often lack detailed knowledge about individual patients and their experiences.

More Convenience

Physician ownership helps reduce frustrating wait-times for patients and enables maximum specialization and patient-doctor interaction.

Unlike large-scale institutions, ASCs:

  • serve fewer patients than hospitals and are highly specialized in what they do, allowing them to be more responsive to individual patient needs;
  • exercise better control over scheduling, so virtually no procedures are delayed or rescheduled due to the unforeseen emergencies that often take precedent in hospitals; and
  • allow physicians to personally guide innovative strategies for governance, leadership and quality initiatives.