Related Organizations

ASCA Foundation

The ASCA Foundation is an educational and research organization that promotes the highest standards for ASCs and conducts programs and produces publications to educate ASC professionals and the public.


ASCAPAC is ASCA’s nonpartisan political action committee. ASCA is dedicated to giving ASCs a powerful voice in Washington through lobbying and grassroots efforts. With ASCAPAC, ASCs can expand their influence in the political arena. ASCAPAC is dedicated to electing and supporting strong ASC advocates in Congress so that the ASC community can continue to grow with full government support.

ASC Quality Collaboration

The ASC Quality Collaboration brings together leaders from both the ASC industry and organizations with a focus on health care quality and safety. Its efforts are focused on measure development, public reporting of quality data, advancing asc quality and advocacy.

Safe Injection Practices Coalition

The Safe Injection Practices Coalition (SIPC) is a partnership of healthcare-related organizations that was formed to promote safe injection practices in all US healthcare settings. The SIPC has developed the One & Only Campaign—a public health education and awareness campaign —aimed at both healthcare providers and patients to advance and promote safe injection practices.

State Organizations

ASCA encourages all of our members to join their state associations and get involved in strengthening the ASC industry at the state and local level. If your state does not have a state association, please contact our state policy department at 703.836.8808.

Accreditation Organizations

To obtain Medicare certification, and usually to obtain a state license, an ASC must have an inspection conducted by a state official or a representative of an organization that the government has authorized to conduct that inspection.