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June-July 2024

Features of the June-July issue include:

Optimize Your Sterile Processing Department – Hire the right people, communicate between departments and maintain your equipment

Improve Physician Engagement – In the process, optimize your center’s growth

Making It Less Scary – How to cultivate a comforting and engaging environment for pediatric patients


May 2024

Features of the May issue include:

Welcome, New Graduates – How to attract and hire students fresh out of college

Forecasting Case Profitability – Use data to improve your ASC’s bottom line

Make Staff Retention a Priority – Employ these strategies


April 2024

Features of the April issue include:

Supporting Vulnerable Patients – Consider the social determinants of health when caring for your community

Prepare for Third-Party Cybersecurity Incidents – What to do if your technology vendor partner gets hacked

How to Reach Patients Falling through the Cracks – Work with FQHCs and external providers


March 2024

Features of the March issue include:

Welcome to ASCA 2024 – Have you made your travel plans?

Navigating Current Anesthesia Coverage Challenges – Employ your own team, pay a subsidy to a private group, hire PRNs

Know When to Expand Your ASC – Talk to your physicians before projecting growth


February 2024

Features of the February issue include:

ASCA Advocacy Results in TSA Coverage in ASCs – Patients and the entire healthcare system will benefit from CMS adding this procedure to the ASC list

Defeat Denials – Research payment rules and educate staff

Capital Equipment Strategies – How best to maintain or purchase new

Commercial Payer Initiatives Migrate Care to Lower-Cost Settings – Tools to move procedures include prior authorization and pre-certification


January 2024

Features of the January issue include:

Trends to Watch in 2024 – What ASCs need to know to drive success

Leverage Internal Expertise to Improve Staff Education – Employees appreciate being recognized for their talent and are willing to share their knowledge

How to Best Train Staff on New Technology – Have a plan and find your superusers


November-December 2023

Features of the November-December issue include:

Develop an Effective Infection Prevention and Control Plan – Involve staff and make it a living document

Improve Communication with Patients – In the process, improve performance

Execute a Successful ASC Bundled Payment Program – How to avoid common obstacles


October 2023

Features of the October issue include:

Performing Total Joints in ASCs – Opportunities and challenges

Manage AR Effectively – Gather insurance information before a procedure and always keep your patients in the loop

Track Clinical Metrics for Total Joint Success – Use the data to improve quality of care and the patient experience


September 2023

Features of the September issue include:

Support Mental Health in Your ASC – Help your team manage change, stress and anxiety

Laboratory and Pathology Services in ASCs – Use best practices to avoid common errors

Work With Local Authorities to Create an Emergency Plan – Reach out to external resources and develop a rapport


August 2023

Features of the August issue include:

Mitigate Drug Diversion – Establish a policy that addresses medication management, storage, administration and wasting

Implement Security Safeguards – Conduct a security vulnerability assessment, identify gaps and address them

Tips on Security Camera Compliance – Be mindful of HIPAA rules


June-July 2023

Features of the June-July issue include:

Supporting an Increasingly Diverse Patient Population – Understanding your community makes for the highest quality of care

Improve Patient Safety with Clinical Technology – Choose from a variety of options

Establishing Culture and Mission in a New ASC – It starts with leadership


May 2023

Features of the May issue include:

Using Regional Anesthesia Could Improve ASC Performance – Surgery centers can care for older, sicker patients and increase their case volume

Grow Volume with Bundled Payments – Payer and employer models could add value to surgery centers

Implement an OR Nurse Development Program – The benefits are manifold


April 2023

Features of the April issue include:

Be a Mentor, Seek a Mentor – As boomers retire, the ASC community needs to make sure their knowledge and experience get carried on

ASC Accreditation Organizations Report Changes – Surgery centers will see standards and requirements revisions

Avoid Citations on Controlled Substances – Use best practices for handling, storing and monitoring


March 2023

Features of the March issue include:

Run for the Roses – Join your peers in Louisville, Kentucky, for ASCA 2023 Conference & Expo

Key Components of a Successful ASC Transaction – Build a strong team, do your due diligence and have patience

Offer ASCA’s Member Retirement Plan to Your Employees – This members-only program saves money and provides peace of mind

Improve Your Billing Practices; Transform Your Bottom Line – Use automation for help


February 2023

Features of the February issue include:

How to Market Your ASC Successfully – Invest in your website, use videos

ASCA Advocates to Expand Medicare’s ASC-Payable List – Outcomes data required to drive more movement

Social Media Dos and Don’ts – Consider these strategies to maximize benefits, avoid risks


focus-cover-2023-january-large.pngJanuary 2023

Features of the January issue include:

Looking at 2023 – ASC leaders predict more case volume and staff shortages in the new year

Follow Best Practices in Inventory Management – Boost efficiency and your bottom line

Make Smarter Implant Purchases – Consider standardization, work with multiple vendors


focus-cover-2022-novdec-large.pngNovember-December 2022

Features of the November-December issue include:

Reduce Surgical Site Infections – Here is how

A Tale of Three Successful QI Studies – ASCs in Iowa, New Mexico and North Carolina share their stories

Reduce LASA and HA Drug Risks – Follow ISMP recommendations


October 2022

Features of the October issue include:

Use IT to Improve ASC Workflow – As staffing challenges continue, technology can help drive process efficiencies

Benchmark to Standardize Practices and Protocols – Save time and money, improve patient care

Use Data to Improve Patient Safety in Your ASC – Analyze and benchmark the information you collect


focus-cover-2022-september-large2.pngSeptember 2022

Features of the September issue include:

Reduce Waste and Save – Recycle, ditch disposables and run lean

Key Components of a Mass Communication Plan – Electronic messages and phone system announcements top the list

How to Speak with Physicians and Staff about Costs – Boston Out-Patient Surgical Suites administrator discusses his strategies


focus-cover-2022-august-large.pngAugust 2022

Features of the August issue include:

How to Avoid Staff Burnout – Keep an eye out for staff disengagement, take remedial action

Converting Nonmedical Buildings into ASCs – Steps to consider

From Gymnastics Coach to ASC CEO – One-on-one with the head of Brass Surgery Center


focus-cover-2022-junejuly-large.pngJune-July 2022

Features of the June-July issue include:

Engage Your Physicians in Value-Based Care – Figure out where your surgeons come from and what drives them, customize your pitch accordingly

Empower Your Medical Director – Follow this guidance

Set Your Coders Up for Success – Give them the tools and education they need


May 2022

Features of the May issue include:

Sterile Processing Challenges in the ASC – Steps to consider to keep your center up to standards

Tips to Improve Clinical Documentation – Thorough charts, accurate codes and EHR are key

Incisional Negative Pressure Therapy Could Migrate More Cases to ASCs – This preventive tool reduces the chances of SSI in high-risk patients


April 2022

Features of the April issue include:

Complying with HIPAA – Little things that make a difference

Handle Equipment and Supply Challenges Efficiently – Turn them into cost-savings opportunities

Add Robotics to Your ASC – Q&A with General Surgeon Gregory Grant, MD


March 2022

Features of the March issue include:

Combating the Nursing Shortage – Try these strategies for hiring and retaining staff

Dos and Don’ts of Gynecology in the ASC Setting – Factors that lead to improved outcomes and reduced costs

Expanding Access to Colonoscopies – Education is key


February 2022

Features of the February issue include:

ASCA 2022 Returns In Person – Join your peers at the Gaylord Resort in Dallas

ASC Legislation Would Help Level the Playing Field for Outpatient Surgery – Write and ask your members of Congress to support the Outpatient Surgery Quality and Access Act of 2021

Know Your Congressional Champions – Presenting the four congressmen who introduced the Outpatient Surgery Quality and Access Act of 2021

ASA Issues Credentialing Updates – One-on-one with ambulatory surgical care committee chair Leopoldo Rodriguez, MD


January 2022

Features of the January issue include:

Under One Umbrella – Johns Hopkins Surgery Center Series’ innovative model includes integrated operations and student training

Save on Supplies – Purchase and manage inventory wisely

Tips on Negotiating Service Contracts – Do your due diligence before signing on the dotted line


focus-cover-2021-novdec-large.pngNovember-December 2021

Features of the November-December issue include:

On the Cutting Edge of Clinical Technology – ASCs embrace new less-invasive surgical options

Help Patients Understand Their Expenses Before Surgery – As out-of-pocket costs rise, being up front about finances becomes a central piece for patient satisfaction

Expanding Coverage of ASC Procedures – Q&A with Janie Kinsey


October 2021

Features of the October issue include:

Develop an Effective ASC Compliance Plan – Seven steps to consider

Leverage Your ASC’s IT to Its Fullest – Stay current, empower staff and be willing to experiment

Prevent Ransomware Attacks – Keep your system updated and educate employees


September 2021 ASC Focus MagazineSeptember 2021

Features of the September issue include:

Build a Better Website – Hire experts and involve staff

Taking the Lead – Conversations with two achievers in the ASC community

Tools for Training Administrators – Use these ideas and high-quality resources to educate prospective leaders


August 2021 ASC Focus MagazineAugust 2021

Features of the August issue include:

Advocacy Works – Over years, ASCA and its members have reduced burdens on ASCs

Transaction Trends in the ASC Market – ‘The next 10 years might be the best 10 years to own a surgery center’

How Much Is Your ASC Worth? – Learning your surgery center’s value can help with short- and long-term planning

Ohio ASC Hosts Virtual Facility Tour – Q&A with Suzi Walton of Ohio Surgery Center


June-July 2021 ASC Focus MagazineJune-July 2021

Features of the June-July issue include:

Components of a Successful QAPI Agenda – Consider safety, accountability and performance improvement

How to Make Physician-Hospital ASC Joint Ventures Work – Give equal importance to both short- and long-term goals

Pre-Construction Considerations for New ASCs – While location is critical, so are access, visibility and zoning


May 2021 ASC Focus MagazineMay 2021

Features of the May issue include:

Which Patients Can Undergo Your Higher Acuity Procedures? – Develop protocols to guide decisions

Track KPIs to Manage Revenue Cycle Success – Analyze trends over time, make adjustments

Mandating COVID-19 Vaccination – Implications to consider before making the decision


April 2021 ASC Focus MagazineApril 2021

Features of the April issue include:

Surprise Medical Billing Update – What ASCs need to know to help patients avoid unexpected costs

Avoid Credentialing, Privileging and Peer Review Deficiencies – Understand the requirements, keep current and use software to simplify processes

Optimize Staffing Costs – Lessen volume unpredictability, cross-train and drive decisions with data


March 2021 ASC Focus MagazineMarch 2021

Features of the March issue include:

Expect Continued Supply Chain Disruption – Educate yourself, keep your ear to the ground and stay prepared for change

Dos and Don’ts of Cardiology in the ASC Setting – Know the rules and keep an eye on staffing and payers

Technologies ASCs Need to Add Cardiology – Administrators weigh in


February 2021 ASC Focus MagazineFebruary 2021

Features of the February issue include:

Benchmark to Meet Accreditation Requirements, Improve Operations – Review Medicare’s interpretive guidelines, state licensure rules and your accreditation organization's standards

ASCA 2021 to Deliver Enhanced Virtual Experience – Add this must-not-miss spring event to your calendar

One World Surgery Needs Volunteer Consults – Physicians in the US who sign up would work with local physicians in Honduras and the Dominican Republic

Benchmarking Pro Tips – Focus on key metrics, take action based on your results


January 2021 ASC Focus MagazineJanuary 2021

Features of the January issue include:

2021 In Light of the Pandemic – Industry experts share tips and strategies to make the best of what we have

Rethink Your Approach to Culture of Safety – Crises like the COVID-19 pandemic test an organization’s habits and help reshape and improve it

Keeping Staff Safe, Motivated and Rewarded in the New Normal – Show appreciation, support work-life balance and work as a team

How to Prepare for 2021 – Q&A with ASCA Board member Stuart Simon, MD


November-December 2020 ASC Focus MagazineNovember-December 2020

Features of the November-December issue include:

Marketing Your ASC in the COVID-19 Era – Play up your strengths, share your new safety precautions with patients

Collaboration Key to Infection Prevention – Responsibilities can be divvied up among team members

Improve ASC Outcomes Through Environmental Hygiene – Assemble a multidisciplinary team, follow evidence-based guidelines and use the right tools


October 2020 ASC Focus MagazineOctober 2020

Features of the October issue include:

Building an Ophthalmic ASC – Hire an experienced consulting firm, develop a pro forma and be creative in your design decisions

Bridge Patient and Staff Social Distancing Gaps – Use the right technology, correctly

Calming Patients’ Nerves During a Pandemic – Ophthalmic ASCs go above and beyond their clinical duties to alleviate anxiety


September 2020 ASC Focus MagazineSeptember 2020

Features of the September issue include:

Collaborating as Partners during a Pandemic – Communication, clinical alignment and resource allocation

Disinfecting, Handling and Storing Endoscopes in the Time of Coronavirus – Follow CDC practices and recommendations from gastroenterology societies

Managing Drug Supplies Effectively amidst COVID-19 – Communicate, be aware of EUAs and create a policy

GI Revenue Cycle Metrics: Acting on Your Data – Q&A with Nader Samii


August 2020 ASC Focus MagazineAugust 2020

Features of the August issue include:

Protect Operational Efficiency in the New Normal – COVID-19 protocols could affect patient flow, timing

ASCs Adjust to Pandemic Protocols – Updated guidelines involve more focus on infection control

Help Patients Better Understand Their Expenses – Educate up-front and be transparent about the bills they will receive

Delivering Personalized Patient Communication – Create a balance between in-person and electronic interactions


June-July 2020 ASC Focus MagazineJune-July 2020

Features of the June-July issue include:

Staying Current with ANSI/AAMI ST79 – What ASCs need to know

FDA Updates Extended Use Drugs List to Meet COVID-19 Demands – Protocols ASCs need to put in place to use these medications safely and avoid citations

Joining Forces Against COVID-19 Pandemic – ASCs nationwide come together to help their communities

Green Your OR – Recycle, use eco-friendly products and identify a sustainability champion in your center

Embrace Change – Add new procedures, technology to your ASC


May 2020 ASC Focus MagazineMay 2020

Features of the May issue include:

Wish I Knew – Factors to consider before opening an ASC

Build a Successful Spine Surgery Team – Rely on strong surgeon leaders and carefully trained staff

Get Paid on Time, Every Time – Ways to hold payers accountable


April 2020 ASC Focus MagazineApril 2020

Features of the April issue include:

After Your Physician Leaves – Do you have a strong infrastructure and potential leads in the bag to eat the loss?

Recruit and Retain Top Staff – Hire candidates who fit, offer fair compensation and professional development opportunities

Improving Productivity in ASCs – Employee satisfaction is key


March 2020 ASC Focus MagazineMarch 2020

Features of the March issue include:

Discover the Magic of ASCA 2020 – Come to Orlando this May for the ASC event of the year

Bring Non-Investor Physicians into Your ASC – Help surgeons understand why your ASC is a great choice

Managing Staff Following an Adverse Event – Eliminate blame; provide support


February 2020 ASC Focus MagazineFebruary 2020

Features of the February issue include:

Choose Meaningful QAPI Topics – Leverage your findings and re-evaluate

Overcome the Top Coding Challenges – Educate, perform audits and ask questions

Use Quality Metrics to Negotiate Contracts – Share patient satisfaction ratings, hospital transfer data and other quantifiable measures


January 2020 ASC Focus MagazineJanuary 2020

Features of the January issue include:

What's in Store this Year? – Opportunities and challenges facing the ASC industry

Cardiology Moves into the ASC Setting – The time is ripe for surgery centers to do more heart procedures

Malignant Hyperthermia Preparation for ASCs – Help is available on the MHAUS website

Managing the Patient Experience – Plan for all facets of the encounter, including family members’ experiences


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