ASCA Salary and Benefits Survey

ASCA’s 2015 Salary and Benefits Survey collects national, regional and state data on 20 ASC positions and is an important tool for ASCs to use to attract and retain the best employees.

Data collection is now closed and results are available. All ASCs were eligible to participate for free. ASCs that completed more than 50 percent of the survey can access the results for free using the "Launch Survey" button below.

ASCs and others that did not complete 50 percent of the survey can purchase access to the online survey results using the "Purchase Results" button below ($299 for ASCA members, $599 for nonmembers). The results are available for purchase through a subscription to the survey. Subscriptions purchased now will expire on March 31, 2017, before the next survey period begins. Any ASC that participated in the survey can find out what percentage of questions it completed by clicking here and checking the completion bar at the bottom of the screen in the survey platform.

Purchase Results

To help you make the most of the dynamic comparison, filtering and reporting features of the survey program, download the Results User's Guide. You can also download the survey questions and FAQs about the survey.

This survey will be conducted again in 2017.

In the meantime, click here to read about how ASCs are investing more in benefits and less in individual bonus pay.  

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Please note: only an ASC's Voting Representative and Administrator have access to the survey. To grant an additional staff member access, please email or call 703.836.8808.