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ASCA Comment Letter on CMS's Overpayment Proposal

ASCA's Comment Letter of CMS's proposed regulations on health care providers identifying and returning over payments submitted 4-15-2012. #LegislationorRegulation #Medicare #Legal


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Sample Peer Review Forms

Sample peer review forms for anesthesia, physician reappointment, quality improvement and more. The peer review process includes utilization review, quality management, credentialing, privileging and reference letters. All practitioners who apply for privileges in your ASC, including physicians,...

Peer Review

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Explanation of the Regulatory Change Removing the Advance Notice Requirement

This memo explains the regulatory change that removes the requirement that ASCs notify patients of certain information prior to the date of surgery. It can be used by ASCs if they encounter a state Medicare surveyor who is unaware of the change in the notification requirements. #Legal ...


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Statement on Rent-A-Patient Insurance Fraud Investigation

ASCA Press Release ARCHIVE (March 19, 2004). *This is an archived press release. Some information may no longer be valid. #Legal #PressRelease

Statement on Rent-A-Patient Insurance Fraud Investigation Press Release Mar 2004.pdf