Affordable Care Act and Collections—A Balancing Act


The many challenges of the Affordable Care Act include identifying patients who are accessing care utilizing health care marketplace exchange policies and educating patients and staff. Patient education can prove to be a big challenge in an ASC due to time constraints and staffing.

Many patients have purchased coverage they do not understand. ASC staff will need detailed training on identifying these patients and performing verification of benefits. There are rules that may restrict the amounts of upfront collections for patients with subsidies. How do those patients differ from patients that don’t receive subsidies?

In addition, ASCs use different types of software for data capture and billing. Not all billing systems have the capability to give detailed information at the level we may need. Collections will continue to be a challenge. When may we collect? How much are we able to collect?


Alina Logan, CPC, CPC-H and CPC-I, will present on ways to identify patients enrolled in health care exchanges, educating these patients about their benefits, tracking patients appropriately, upfront collections, and reporting on results during her presentation “Affordable Care Act and Collections—A Balancing Act.”


Alina Logan, CPC, CPC-H and CPC-I, has worked in health care for 25+ years and has experience in practice management, consulting and ASC management. She has worked with Amsurg for 14 years and is responsible for the company’s Revenue Cycle Management team that works with 240+ ASCs across the country. She also oversees two centralized billing locations that bill for approximately 82 entities.

Logan’s expertise includes all aspects of revenue cycle management. She has extensive experience in process improvement in the business office, including assessments, documentation and implementation, and physician practice turnaround. She works with front office staff as well as billing and collections staff. She has compliance expertise related to chart audits, physician education, coding and documentation.


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