2014 Winter Coding Seminar

2014 Winter Coding Seminar Evaluations and AEU Certificates

Course Evaluations can be completed by going to ascameetings.com/coding and entering your Login ID located on the back of your name badge.

After completion of this evaluation, you will have until Friday, February 28, 2014 to print out your certificate for Administrator Education Units (AEUs) or Certificate of Attendance. Please do not fax any paperwork to ASCA as the online process defined above is the only way continuing education will be awarded.

You can receive your AAPC credit by filling in the AAPC CEU Code Card, located on the last page of your syllabus. At the end of each session, a code was read aloud by the speaker. You must copy that code down on your code card and submit it directly to AAPC for credits.

Medical Coding CEUs

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