Surgical Care Stories

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Jane Siegel, MD
As someone who conducts nearly 100% of the surgeries I perform in an ASC setting, I can attest to the many benefits the outpatient environment offers to me and my patients.

In ASCs, the preoperative process is streamlined and surgeries are scheduled with an eye to efficiency. Patients arrive shortly before their procedure, going right to the preoperative area, where they meet their anesthesiologist and have a chance to speak to their surgeon. This can help decrease some anxiety. Wait times for patients and doctors are minimized. Trauma and emergency cases, which often disrupt the OR schedule in a main hospital environment are not an issue.

At an ASC, another advantage is that the surgical staff in an ASC is a small group, comfortable working together and with the surgeons who frequent the centers. Nurses typically work with the same surgeons on a select number of procedures. This familiarity is a benefit to all parties involved – surgeons, nurses and patients.

Because patients who are treated in an ASC do not stay overnight, post-operative pain management is a priority. With nerve blocks and good regional anesthesia, the patient is able to leave the ASC relatively soon after their procedure and recover in the comfort of their own home. The ASC model is one that works best for me as a surgeon and for the patients I treat. I bring most of my patients to the ASC and so I am invested in making sure the staff is the best, so my patients’ experience will be optimal.

Rick Parsons, MD
As an orthopedic surgeon, several of the procedures I routinely conduct can be performed in the outpatient setting. I enjoy operating in an ambulatory surgery center because I find the staff I work with to be attentive and efficient.

In an ASC, I don’t face the same scheduling hurdles which can plague hospitals, and I’m able to be a more efficient surgeon. Patient load flows smoother in an ASC.

ASCs provide a high-touch environment, meaning there is very personalized, interactive care. From pre-op to discharge, patients often receive one-on-one care. I appreciate this because my patients feel more at ease throughout their surgery, which can be a stressful time.

I’ve personally been operated on in an ASC, as have members of my family. The care provided in ASCs is second to none, and I’m appreciative of the opportunity to work in such an innovative environment.

Timothy Renfree, MD
ASCs offer patients high-quality, innovative care in a comfortable and convenient setting. While surgery is something people do not typically look forward to, the patients I’ve operated on in an ASC have overwhelming enjoyed their visit.

ASCs present an efficient experience for both surgeons and patients. In an ASC, patients are not waiting for hours to have a procedure; rather they arrive at their scheduled time and are almost always seen immediately. Another benefit is that family members can visit with the patient fairly quickly after their procedure and the patient is typically back at home resting comfortably within hours of surgery.

My son had an operation at an ASC to remove a tumor from his inner ear. It’s a parent’s job to worry anytime their child in is pain, but I knew my son was in good hands with a more than capable medical team that had his best interest in mind. His doctor provided me with updates throughout the surgery and he had two nurses with him for the large majority of his time at the ASC. As the parent of a patient, as well as a medical professional, I believe ASCs provide first-rate care.

Cindy Biegger
I can’t say enough nice things about my experience with ASCs. Over the course of the past several years, I have had various procedures performed at my local ASC—Lakeview Surgery Center in West Des Moines, Iowa—and have been overwhelmingly pleased with each experience.

While being treated for breast cancer, I underwent a translab reconstruction at Lakeview Surgery Center prior to my mastectomy. The doctor at the ASC remembered me from my previous visit to the center five years earlier and recalled my medical history and my aversion to a certain type of anesthesia. He worked with the doctors at the hospital who were performing my mastectomy to ensure that I did not receive this type of anesthesia. I appreciated the fact that the ASC reached out to the hospital in order to make certain that I was provided with the best outcome possible.

ASCs provide intimate care and I feel a sense of comfort having the same medical staff for the duration of my procedure. I highly recommend ASCs.

Kimberly Rhodes
I was treated for bilateral carpal tunnel, and I had never had any surgical procedure prior to this one – it went far better than I could have ever expected.

The cleanliness of the facility was exceptional. The check-in experience was very private and handled courteously. The pre-operative nurse that took care of me on both occasions was not only comforting in her demeanor but knowledgeable, and I appreciated that as well. She talked to me with compassion and patience as I talked about my concerns and fears. Of course, my physician was the best in my book. I left the center with a huge sense of relief and renewed hope that I would return to work quickly and in good condition.

I can’t help but think about the time that I was on a Carnival Cruise and they kept telling us that their goal was to exceed our expectations and if they weren’t doing that then they weren’t doing a good job. Marysville Ohio Surgical Center exceeded my expectations in every way, and their attention to detail is well beyond commendable!

Vicki Hertko
Having previously worked as a hospital department manager, I see first-hand the benefits ASCs offer.

For the past seven years, I have been proud to serve as the Executive Director of Lakeview Surgery Center, a multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center in West Des Moines, Iowa. ASCs provide an intimate setting for surgical care, which means our medical staff is able to focus on one thing – providing the best care possible for our patients.

My facility is a joint venture between a hospital and a physician group. By operating under this structure, I am able to work with my Board of Directors to manage our facility in a way that is advantageous for both parties. We are able to make decisions efficiently and effectively, with one common goal – providing high-quality, convenient and patient-centered care.

Loesje Linton, RN
In 2007, my son had four right arm surgeries at Mountain Empire Surgery Center, an ASC in Johnson City, Tennessee.

As a nurse, I understand first-hand the importance of quality care and I was impressed with the center and the medical attention Zachary received. Because of my positive experience with this ASC, I pursued employment at Mountain Empire Surgery Center and was hired as a PRN PACU staff nurse in June, 2007. I’m proud to work in an ASC setting, so much so that my daughter is observing in my workplace for her high school education class and she had been thrilled with her interactions with the physicians and staff at Mountain Empire Surgery Center.

Jo Ellen Braden, RN
Surgery is where my heart is. I’ve worked for over 20 years as a nurse and administrator in both the hospital and ASC surgical settings, and for six years now, I’ve been the administrator at the Marysville Ohio Surgical Center.

I love working in the ASC setting because everyone who works here, including physicians, nurses and support staff really enjoy coming to work every day. We have a banner hanging in our hallway with the word “Excellence” that greets our staff each morning. In fact, “Excellence” is our mantra!

Our physicians, as owners of the centers, are closely involved with the governance of the facility and daily operations. This management structure allows our physicians to stay focused on our patients. In addition, our physicians and administrators, like me, are involved with grassroots initiatives in our states to ensure our patients continue to receive the best care in the safest setting possible.

ASCs play a very important role in our health care system, and my hope is that policymakers recognize the quality, cost-efficient care that is given at ASCs throughout the country. It’s truly great to make a difference in people’s lives every day.

Alsie Fitzgerald, RN
As a 30 year veteran of the health care industry, I’m proud to have been a pioneer of the ASC industry.

I’ve worked in ASCs since 1976 and helped open the first free-standing ASC in Iowa. I previously worked in hospital ERs and ORs, as well as in hospital outpatient departments, I feel confident they don’t compare to the quality, individualized and convenient care ASCs offer.

Sometimes hospitals can be overwhelming – they’re big, oftentimes in the middle of large towns or cities and figuring out where to park can be a monumental task in and of itself. When I walk into an ASC – as a practitioner or as a patient – I feel completely at ease. ASCs provide a family atmosphere, where the health providers are compassionate – they take the time to address patient needs and genuinely care about the well-being of every patient who comes through the door. I’ve been honored to be a member of the ASC community for the past three decades.