ASCA News Digest (July 9, 2019)

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July 9, 2019


ASCA Highlights

The data collection period for the second quarter (Q2) of ASCA’s 2019 Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey is now open. Subscribers should make sure to submit their data by July 31 in order to get a complete picture of trends for the year.

Not yet subscribed to the 2019 survey? Purchase a subscription now.
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Echelon Medical Capital   Echelon Medical Capital offers innovative accounts receivable liquidity solutions for healthcare providers that take insurance or medical liens against pending personal injury cases. Echelon Medical Capital has quickly become one of the largest dedicated medical receivables funding companies in the country. With unrivaled levels of committed capital, Echelon can support medical practices of any size, including doctors, hospitals and surgery centers.

Volunteer for an international medical mission trip in Honduras by applying for a Medical Mission Scholarship provided through the ASCA Foundation’s partnership with One World Surgery.

Each scholarship covers the program fee as well as roundtrip coach airfare for the participant. Scholarships are available for ASCA members only.

Opportunities are available for CRNAs, sterile processors, nurses, surgical techs and scrub techs. One World Surgery is in particular need of preop nurses, PACU nurses and anesthesia personnel for the July 27–August 3 trip. Learn more and apply.
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Purchase your copy of Finance & Accounting for ASCs, 4th Edition today in ASCA’s online store. This essential resource covers the fundamental concepts that every ASC manager needs to know and is illustrated with real-world examples from ASCs like yours.

All material in this latest edition has been reviewed and updated. Additionally, a new chapter on strategic planning will help your ASC build for tomorrow based on your facility’s strengths and weaknesses today.
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D&Y Staffing

Total joint replacement in an ASC was once a far-fetched idea, but now surgeons are performing these procedures safely in surgery centers every day. With private payers coming on board and Medicare weighing whether to provide coverage, surgery centers have an opportunity to become the preferred site for an increasing number of total joint replacements (TJR). Read on.
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Industry News

2019 Leapfrog ASC Survey Technical Assistance Calls
The Leapfrog Group (07/01/19)

In addition to the support provided on Leapfrog's Help Desk, Leapfrog will be hosting free 30-minute monthly technical assistance calls for ASCs starting in July. These calls will include a brief 10 minute presentation/live demonstration of a technical topic, such as navigating the Online ASC Survey Tool, and will conclude with 20 minutes of Q&A where ASCs can field their questions to a member of Leapfrog's Ratings Team.
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oneSOURCE   YOUR ONE RELIABLE SOURCE OF INSTANT IFU ACCESS. CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED. ALWAYS ONLINE. When a patientʼs life hangs in the balance, are you confident you have the latest validated manufacturersʼ IFU documents? With oneSOURCE you never have to worry. Thousands of the IFUs you need are available instantly online, keeping you in compliance with the CMS, Joint Commission, and AAAHC Accreditation. And if we don’t have it, we’ll do our best to find it for you ASAP. So, join the thousands of facilities that have relied on oneSOURCE for the past 10 years, and put your IFU concerns to bed.
New Report Provides Clinician Recruitment Compensation and Incentive Benchmarks
Health Leaders Media (07/08/19) Cheney, Christopher

A new physician recruitment report highlights recent trends in clinician compensation and incentives. Ongoing clinician shortages across the country are impacting the recruitment and retention of these highly skilled medical professionals, including new physicians being inundated with job offers.
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How Trump Is Reforming Medicare, Part I
Forbes (07/08/19) Goodman, John C.; Wedekind, Lawrence J.

The Trump administration is making fundamental changes to the Medicare program. These reforms are every bit as radical as the changes we have seen in federal policy governing employer-provided coverage and the market for individual insurance.
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Modernizing Medicine
Exploring Gender Bias in Health Care
MD Magazine (07/06/19) Campbell, Patrick

A recent study has dove further into the discussion of gender bias among health care professionals and surgeons. Using the Implicit Association Test, investigators found that respondents had a tendency to associate men with career and surgery and women with family and family medicine.
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AHRQ Releases First Public Database on Patient Safety Events Submitted by PSOs
AHRQ News Now (06/27/19)

AHRQ's Network of Patient Safety Databases (NPSD) is a new publicly available online resource that captures non-identifiable information on patient safety events collected by the Agency's Patient Safety Organizations. Data contained in the congressionally mandated NPSD will be used to produce dashboards and a chartbook for providers and others to learn about patient safety events, including the distribution of incidents, near misses, unsafe conditions, and reducing patient safety risks, and harms across healthcare settings.
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Covenant Surgical Partners Announces Partnership With De La Peña Eye Clinic
Business Wire (07/01/19)

Covenant Surgical Partners today announced a partnership with Los Angeles-based De La Peña Eye Clinic, a Medical Group, Inc., one of the largest private eye care practices in Southern California. De La Peña Eye Clinic offers a full spectrum of ophthalmologic, optometric and optical services.
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Trump Says Administration Preparing an Executive Order on Drug Prices
CNBC (07/05/19) Lovelace Jr., Berkeley; LaVito, Angelica

President Donald Trump said Friday he’s preparing an executive order declaring a "favored nations clause" for drug prices, where the U.S. will pay no more than the country with the lowest prescription drug prices. "As you know for years and years other nations pay less for drugs than we do," Trump told reporters on the South Lawn of the White House.
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