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March 27, 2018



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ASCA 2018 Focus Groups   You're invited to attend a Focus Group during ASCA 2018, sign-up today!

As an ASCA 2018 attendee, you are invited to participate in one of six ASCA Affiliate-led Focus Groups and Lunches. Topics include Perioperative Innovations, Joint and Spine Cases, IT & Cybersecurity, Infection Prevention, Reimbursement for Postsurgical Pain Management and Physician Preference Items.

For consideration, please complete the Focus Group Registration Request form. Participation is limited to ASCA 2018 attendees and advance registration is required.

ASCA Highlights

Online registration for ASCA 2018 closes this Friday, March 30. Don’t miss out on ASCA's annual meeting, April 11–14 in Boston. ASCA 2018 will offer ample opportunities to network with more than a thousand of your colleagues, keep up with the latest industry trends and regulations, earn continuing education credits and more. Register today!
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Smith & Nephew

ASCA 2018 attendees: In the coming weeks, you will receive a series of emails that will help you prepare for ASCA’s annual meeting. Stay tuned for instructions on how to access session handouts, claim continuing education (CE) credits, optimize your use of the new ASCA Meetings mobile app and much more.
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Is your ASC struggling to meet its recruiting goals? Or are you an individual who’s having a hard time finding job opportunities and getting your resume noticed by ASCs? Visit ASCA’s Career Center. The Career Center gives employers and job seekers a better way to find each other and that perfect career fit. Take advantage of this phenomenal resource and advance on your career path today.
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Full Cirlce   When it comes to revenue cycle management (RCM), we’re talking about profitability, operating margins and bottom lines—the collective lifeline in your ambulatory surgery center or private practice. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that a trusted acquaintance and proven professional was safeguarding it all for you?

All designated ASCA voting members are encouraged to vote for members of the ASCA Board of Directors. There are five openings on the ASCA Board this year and four incumbents running for a second term. Learn more about the candidates and be sure to cast your ballot by Saturday, March 31.
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Want to be featured in Member Focus? Share your answer to this month’s questionWhat is the best part about attending an ASCA annual meeting?—and you could be selected for a future profile.

Member Focus, published on the ASC Focus website, invites ASCA members to share their views on key ASC issues.
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One Medical Passport

The next time your ASC needs to buy or sell equipment, supplies or inventory, look no further than the ASCA Asset Network. This trusted online marketplace features thousands of new and refurbished items and can save you both time and money. Get started today.
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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released its April addenda, which provides second quarter updates to the ASC payment system. ASCA has updated its rate calculator and other members-only payment resources to reflect these changes.
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Whether an ASC offers overnight care, uses extended recovery care, relies on home health services or discharges patients with friends and family, ensuring the most appropriate option to help patients return to health should be the top priority when selecting the appropriate provider and site of service for this care. Read more about options for post-acute services.
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Industry News

Need Surgery? Review All the Options Out There
USA Today (03/25/18) Prentice, William

Last year, more than 15 million Americans put their trust in ambulatory surgery centers and experienced outstanding medical care. Regrettably, a recent article in USA TODAY misrepresented the quality of care provided in ASCs by focusing on a small number of tragic events that occurred over a five-year period while ignoring the more than 100 million successful procedures.

Veterans Hospital Killings Spotlight Problem of Violence Against Health Care Workers
NBC News (03/17/18) Chuck, Elizabeth

The man's complaint seemed straightforward: He had come to the emergency room last June at Harrington Hospital in Southbridge, Massachusetts, for wrist pain that wouldn't quit. The 24-year-old patient seemed anxious.

3 Biggest Mistakes Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers Make When Billing Worker's Comp Patients
LinkedIn (03/22/18) Beach, William Blake

Worker's comp patients can be a major revenue source for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. However, some common mistakes can cost hospitals dearly and make worker's comp contracts seem much less valuable or even downright burdensome.

Saline Shortages — Many Causes, No Simple Solution
New England Journal of Medicine (03/21/18) Mazer-Amirshahi, Maryann; Fox, Erin R.

Severe and long-standing prescription-drug shortages have become a major threat to public health and patient safety. Despite increased awareness and mitigation strategies, the United States has experienced shortages of many lifesaving drugs and other supplies essential to patient care.

Long Hours, Short Leaves Force Moms to Reconsider Jobs as Surgeons
Boston Globe (03/21/18) McCluskey, Priyanka Dayal

Women training to become surgeons face daunting challenges juggling their work with the demands of pregnancy and motherhood, according to a new survey published Wednesday by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Among women who had children during their surgical residency, 39 percent strongly considered leaving their training, according to the survey, which was published in the medical journal JAMA Surgery.

Facing the Shortage of IV Fluids — A Hospital-Based Oral Rehydration Strategy
New England Journal of Medicine (03/21/18) Patiño, Andrés M.; Marsh, Regan H.; Nilles, Eric J.; et al.

Puerto Rico produces 44 percent of the intravenous (IV) fluid bags used in the United States. On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria struck the island, causing a humanitarian crisis and widespread devastation that escalated a critical shortage of IV fluids throughout the United States.

Surgeon Performance Benefits From 'Warm-up'
Medical Xpress (03/20/18)

Surgeons progressively 'warm-up' as they repeat a procedure on their operating list, akin to the way athletes' performance improves across a competition—according to new research. The authors of the study say surgeons should look at re-ordering their operating lists, starting their day with the simpler cases and building up to the more difficult ones.

What Are the Implications of the Costs of Operating Room Time? (03/01/18) Ely, Kaitlynn

In California, 1 minute of operating room (OR) time costs an average $36 to $37 per minute, according to a study published in JAMA Surgery. Hospital costs are important to understanding value-based care, and are even more critical when analyzing cost-saving interventions during surgery.

Amazon Is Already Reshaping Health Care
Bloomberg (03/26/18) Nisen, Max

Without having done much yet, Inc. is already transforming U.S. health care--and not necessarily for the better. The mere threat of the online giant getting into the health business prompted the country's two largest pharmacy benefit managers--CVS Health Corp. and Express Scripts Holding Co.--to join forces with two of its largest insurers, Aetna Inc. and Cigna Corp.

Long Appointment Wait Time a Detriment to High Patient Satisfaction
Patient EngagementHIT (03/23/18) Heath, Sara

Long appointment wait times are emerging as major impediments to a quality patient experience, so much so that nearly one in five patients have switched providers when a wait time has become too long, according to the 9th Annual Vitals Wait Time Report. The report, which included a survey of just under 700 patient respondents, reviewed the state of patient wait times between 2008 and 2017.

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