ASCA News Digest (December 26, 2018)

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December 26, 2018


ASCA Highlights

ASCA has published the Fall/Winter 2018 edition of ASC Physician Focus, a free quarterly publication for physicians who own and perform procedures in ASCs. Highlights of this issue include: “10 Lessons from Running a Cash-Based ASC,” “Achieving Effective Medical Director Leadership” and “ASCs Win Big with Medicare’s Final 2019 ASC Payment Rule.” Sign up for a free subscription today.
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LendingUSA   An Innovative Patient Financing Solution for ASCsToday’s ASCs have more options than ever to help patients pay for services — but they're only useful if patients take advantage of them. Offering patient-friendly financing can boost patient satisfaction and support your ASC. By adding LendingUSA as a financing option, ASCs are empowered to provide their patients with low monthly payments for out-of-pocket surgery costs.To learn more about LendingUSA Patient Financing, click here!

Register for the ASCA 2019 Conference & Expo by next Monday, December 31, to enjoy the biggest savings. ASCA’s annual conference, May 15–18 in Nashville, TN, has it all: top-quality educational sessions, unparalleled networking opportunities, product demos from hundreds of vendors in the largest ASC-specific exhibit hall of the year and more.

Check out the full schedule and register today!
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ASCA is seeking candidates to serve on the ASCA Board of Directors. Board members also serve on the ASCA Foundation Board. If you know of an individual who has the skills, experience and the commitment to devote efforts to advocacy by serving on the ASCA/ASCA Foundation boards, please see if they are interested and, if so, nominate them by next Monday, December 31. Self-nominations are accepted. Learn more.
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Capsa Healthcare   Attending the 2019 Winter Seminar? Register today for Capsa Healthcare's Focus Group on Improving the Safe Storage & Tracking of Controlled Medication Doses.

Capsa Healthcare is looking for input from up to twelve ASC directors or administrators on how best to deploy a new technology for safely storing and tracking controlled medication dosages in the ASC setting. Those selected will join Capsa for a working dinner to identify how their proprietary technology solution should be customized to best meet the demands of the ASC environment.

Register today!

Get the new year off to a great start with ASCA's 2019 Winter Seminar. This year’s program, taking place January 17–19 in Austin, TX, features three specialized tracks:
  • ASC Management Essentials (new in 2019)
  • Coding Update & Reimbursement Strategies
  • Infection Prevention Techniques for ASCs
You can move freely between the tracks and attend any of the sessions offered during this focused, ASC-specific seminar. Be sure to check out the schedule and register today!
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A significant focus on ASC expense management is directed toward labor costs, and rightfully so, considering they are a large piece of a surgery center’s overall spend. Unfortunately, this can pull attention away from another area worthy of scrutiny. Read this ASC Focus article to learn about significant materials management mistakes and tips for how to improve your ASC’s materials management.
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As you gear up for compliance with Medicare’s ASC Quality Reporting Program for 2019, please make sure you review the resources available on the ASCA website. There is a document entitled, “How to Meet Medicare’s 2019 ASC Quality Reporting Requirements” that takes you through the measures that remain in the program for 2019 and what you need to do to avoid penalties for 2020. Read on to learn of additional resources.
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Industry News

New Study Finds That Surgeons Under Stress Make More Mistakes in the Operating Room
Medicalxpress (12/17/2018)

A new study reveals that during stressful moments in the operating room, surgeons make up to 66 percent more mistakes on patients. Using a technology that captured the electrical activity of a surgeon's heart, researchers found that during intervals of short-term stress, which can be triggered by a negative thought or a loud noise in the operating room, surgeons are much more prone to make mistakes that can cause bleeding, torn tissue, or burns.
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Certificate-of-Need Laws: How CON Laws Affect Spending, Access, and Quality Across the States
Heartland Institute (12/05/18)

Thirty-five states and the District of Columbia currently impose certificate-of-need (CON) restrictions on the provision of healthcare. These rules require providers to first seek permission before they may open or expand their practices or purchase certain devices or new technologies.
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Colorectal Cancer Screening Pill to Be in US Pilot Study
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (12/13/18) Ford, Chris

Check-Cap is getting one step closer to having its capsule-based screening method for colorectal cancer on the U.S. market. The Isfiya, Israel-based company has received FDA conditional approval for an IDE to initiate a pilot study of the C-Scan capsule.
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Are you attending the 2019 Winter Seminar? Join us for HSTpathway's Affiliate Lab Presentation: Utilizing an Integrated Software Platform to Reach Business & Clinical Goals

Are you looking to maximize your efficiency across your center from scheduling to charting to billing, and making patient care & safety improvements?  How can you improve your supply chain costs, measure your case costs easily, or improve your revenue cycle management with faster collections?  Robert Marinich, Vice President at HSTpathways, will show you how utilizing HST’s integrated platform will help you reach your goals faster, and with more accurate and measurable outcomes.

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Cybersecurity Tips for Handling Patient-Generated Health Data
AMA Wire (12/17/2018) Robeznieks, Andis

Successfully engaging patients to achieve superior care outcomes often means accepting and using the health data they provide, but doing so could pose a cybersecurity risk. Physician practices must have their guard up.
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HHS Recommends Prescribing or Co-Prescribing Naloxone to Patients at High Risk for an Opioid Overdose
HHS News Release (12/19/18)

Adm. Brett P. Giroir, MD, assistant secretary for health and senior advisor for opioid policy, today released guidance - PDF for healthcare providers and patients detailing how naloxone – the opioid overdose reversal drug – can help save lives and should be prescribed to all patients at risk for opioid complications, including overdose. "Given the scope of the opioid crisis, it’s critically important that healthcare providers and patients discuss the risks of opioids and how naloxone should be used in the event of an overdose," said Adm. Giroir.
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Improving Patient Safety Through Healthcare Interoperability
EHR Intelligence (12/17/2018) Monica, Kate

With healthcare organization leaders facing federal pressure to increase health data exchange, many stakeholders are focused on developing the business case for healthcare interoperability. Achieving the level of connectivity described in the 21st Century Cures Act will require healthcare organizations and health information exchanges to make significant investments.
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