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May 1, 2018



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Just tap for compliance for Instant Access to Thousands of Manufacturers’ IFU’s

Prepare for compliance with oneSOURCE document site and management service, an online database that gives you immediate access to thousands of Manufacturers’ IFU, PM and Tech-Ready documents with a click of a mouse. Join thousands of facilities across the globe saving time, space and money by subscribing to oneSOURCE. Become consistently compliant with CMS, Joint Commission, JCI & AAAHC Accreditation. An affordable solution that pays for itself! Continuously updated. Always online.

Call 1-800-701-3560 for a price quote or sign up for a free webinar at

ASCA Highlights

Register for ASCA’s next webinar, Cut Costs with a Collaborative Effort inside Your ASC, scheduled for Tuesday, May 8, at 1:00 pm ET. This webinar will look at effective ways to counter physician-influencing vendor sales representatives with your own data, cut costs using a variety of methods and the possible benefits of working with a materials management consultant.

This program is also included in ASCA's 2018 Webinar All-Access Pass, which provides access to all 18 webinars in this year's series for one low fee.
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Full Cirlce   When it comes to revenue cycle management (RCM), we’re talking about profitability, operating margins and bottom lines—the collective lifeline in your ambulatory surgery center or private practice. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that a trusted acquaintance and proven professional was safeguarding it all for you?

If you attended ASCA 2018, you have until June 30 to request your continuing education (CE) credits, nursing contact hours, administrator education units (AEUs), continuing medical education (CME) or a certificate of participation. To submit online, you will need your ID number located on the back of your attendee badge. If you no longer have your badge, you can request your ID number by sending an email to Learn more about ASCA 2018 CE credits.
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Attend a full day of face-to-face meetings with representatives on Capitol Hill to advocate for the ASC industry by participating in one of ASCA’s 2018 National Advocacy Days, scheduled for June 4 and September 5. This is your opportunity to educate members of Congress about issues that affect your ASC. Prior to your meetings, ASCA staff will provide a training briefing and dinner the night before. Learn more.
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One Medical Passport

Candidates who plan to take the Certified Administrator Surgery Center (CASC)™ exam in July must submit their application between May 1 and May 31. The CASC™ credential is a distinction earned by members of the ASC community who demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and skills required of an ASC administrator. Learn more.
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ASCs eager to improve their safety culture will be best served by taking steps to remove barriers that might stand in the way of staff participation. Read on to learn how one ASC in Gulf Breeze, Florida, improved its safety culture in just three years by following best practice guidelines and standards, implementing daily huddles in all departments and empowering their employees to provide feedback on specific safety issues.
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Smith & Nephew

As part of the proposed rule for the Medicare Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems (IPPS), CMS has announced a total overhaul of the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs, commonly known as Meaningful Use. Some notable changes detailed in the Proposed IPPS Rule include a renaming of the program and a new scoring methodology that reduces the number of reporting measures and moves away from pass/fail threshold scoring. Learn more.
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Industry News

Anesthesia Drug Shortages Negatively Affecting Patient Care, American Society of Anesthesiologists Survey Finds
Newswise (04/25/18)

A national drug shortage crisis is potentially affecting the care received every day for thousands of patients undergoing anesthesia. In an informal ASA member survey, more than 98 percent of respondents noted that they now regularly experience drug shortages at their institutions and more than 95 percent of respondents said the shortages impact the way they treat their patients.

Survey Examines Role of Incentives in C-Suite Compensation Increases
AMGA News Release (04/23/18)

AMGA today announced the release of the AMGA 2017 Medical Group Executive and Leadership Compensation Survey. The survey results indicate material increases in overall cash compensation for several C-suite executive positions over the prior year.

Tenet Spends $630 Million to Boost Stake in Addison-Based Outpatient Surgery Company
Dallas Morning News (04/26/18) Rice, Sabriya

Tenet Healthcare has spent $630 million to increase its stake in an Addison-based company that operates a 28-state network of outpatient surgery, imaging and urgent care facilities. Tenet, a national hospital operator based in Dallas, now owns 95 percent of United Surgical Partners International, an announcement Thursday said.

Managing Post-Operative Pain with Outpatient Procedures
MD Magazine (04/23/18) Swann, R. Presley

Same-day orthopedic surgery allows patients to recover in the comfort of their own homes rather than in a hospital bed, and provides multiple benefits to patients for improved recovery. By enabling patients to recover at home, the potential risk of hospital-acquired infections is decreased.

Why Health Care Costs Are Making Consumers More Afraid of Medical Bills Than an Actual Illness
CNBC (04/22/18) Gillies, Trent

As health care costs keep rising, more people seem to be skipping physician visits. It's not fear of doctors, however, but more of a phobia about the bills that could follow.

Cleaned Endoscopes Often Contaminated
Reuters (04/18/18) Janeczko, Lorraine L.

Many patients may be undergoing endoscopy with contaminated instruments, a pair of new studies suggest. Current guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others allow the reuse of flexible endoscopes after cleaning and high-level disinfection.

Anxiety Builds Over Release of 2019 ICD-10-CM/PCS (04/24/18) Johnson, Laurie

Typically, after the annual Coordination and Maintenance Committee meeting, the next question is this: when will the new codes be published? The short answer is potentially near late April or early May.

Has Maine Found a Bipartisan Solution to Easing Health Care Costs?
Boston Globe (04/30/18) Flier, Jeffrey S.; Archambault, Josh

Might we ever see a bipartisan health care bill that addresses costs and receives unanimous legislative support? Although one emanating from Washington seems unlikely anytime soon, an innovative bipartisan health care bill — referred to as Right to Shop — unanimously passed the Maine Legislature in 2017 and merits a closer look.

Health Care Design Adapts to Meet Changing Industry
Colorado Real Estate Journal (04/29/18)

Health care design and development will need to continue to adapt to meet the demands of the ever changing health care industry. The evolving health care landscape includes changes to amenities and types/locations of hospital services, including clinics in retail facilities, more accessible outpatient facilities, free-standing emergency departments and micro-hospitals.

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