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October 11, 2017


ASCA Highlights

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ASCA Highlights

Learn how to navigate the complex legal and regulatory obstacles your ASC will face in 2018 and beyond during ASCA’s winter seminar Minimizing Your Regulatory & Legal Risk. This is one of three intensive, ASC-specific seminars ASCA will offer in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 11–13. Sign up now to receive the early registration discount. Register.
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Find out what it takes to successfully transition from paper to electronic health records at ASCA’s next webinar, Preparing for Electronic Health Records: What You Need to Consider When Preparing to Make the Change from Paper to an Electronic Workflow. On Tuesday, October 24, Cindy Klein, vice president and chief medical information officer of United Surgical Partners International (USPI), will share practical strategies, guidelines and checklists to help you make this transition seamlessly in an ASC setting. The webinar is scheduled for 1:00 pm ET; the cost is $100 for ASCA members and $150 for nonmembers. Register.
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Data collection for the third quarter (Q3) of ASCA Benchmarking is open through October 31. Subscribers to ASCA’s clinical and operational benchmarking program should make sure to submit their ASC’s data before the deadline to receive valuable insights on clinical outcomes, staffing, billing and more. If you have not yet signed up for the 2017 program, purchase your subscription now and receive Q1 and Q2 national reports for free. Subscribe.
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Cipher Health   Watch the Video: Maximize Staff Time with Efficient Patient Outreach
Watch the video and see how you can maximize staff time with efficient pre and post-op patient outreach. CipherHealth's Voice patient outreach solution reaches out to 100% of patients with targeted questions and automatically alerts designated staff members for patients needing additional help. 
Watch the video now and see how your center can save. 

Ensure your ASC is compliant with Medicare’s language service requirements through ASCA’s affinity partnership with Akorbi. This relationship provides ASCs with access to high-quality, affordable translation and interpretation services available in more than 170 languages. ASCA members also receive special discounted rates on Akorbi’s language solutions. Learn more.
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ASCA staff members are scheduled to speak at three upcoming conferences:
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ASC Focus, the official magazine of ASCA, has published its 2018 Editorial Calendar and welcomes your story ideas for next year. If you would like to pitch an idea or are interested in writing a story, please contact ASC Focus Editor Sahely Mukerji. View 2018 Editorial Calendar.
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The opioid crisis has gained significant attention as a major epidemic in the United States, and it presents both a challenge and an opportunity for ASCs. To find out what steps ASCs can take to help ensure they do not contribute further to the crisis, visit the ASC Focus website.
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The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) is introducing a new requirement for the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) users. The ASC Quality Reporting (ASCQR) Program measure ASC-8: Influenza Vaccination Coverage among Healthcare Personnel is reported through NHSN. Read more.
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Industry News

Californians Will Get More Information on What's Driving Prescription Drug Prices Under Law Signed by Governor
Los Angeles Times (10/09/17) Mason, Melanie

Gov. Jerry Brown approved a measure Monday to increase disclosure on prescription drug prices, the focal point of growing efforts to clamp down on climbing pharmaceutical costs. Supporters call the law the nation’s most sweeping effort to make prescription drug pricing more transparent.

Hospitals Scramble to Avert Saline Shortage in Wake of Puerto Rico Disaster
Washington Post (10/09/17) McGinley, Laurie

The hurricane that wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico last month has disrupted production of widely used intravenous solutions. Several prominent hospitals across the country are scrambling to find alternative supplies, change the way they administer drugs and devise backup plans to make the fluids themselves.

Colonoscopy Cost Measure to Be Tested for MIPS
American Gastroenterological Association (10/04/17)

Beginning Oct. 16, CMS and its contractor, Acumen, LLC, will be field testing a new screening/surveillance colonoscopy cost measure for use in the cost performance category of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). The measure, which was developed with input from AGA and other clinician groups, including ACG and ASGE, will be tested through Nov. 15, 2017.

FDA Statement: Case of Hemorrhagic Occlusive Retinal Vasculitis After Intraocular Injections of a Compounded TMV Formulation
FDA MedWatch (10/03/17)

FDA received an adverse event report on August 14, 2017, from a physician concerning a patient who was diagnosed postoperatively with bilateral hemorrhagic occlusive retinal vasculitis (HORV) after being administered injections of a compounded triamcinolone, moxifloxacin, and vancomycin (TMV) formulation in each eye at the conclusion of cataract surgery procedures that were done two weeks apart. The TMV formulation was compounded by Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., located in Ledgewood, New Jersey.

How to Prevent High Medical Bills
San Diego Union Tribune (10/02/17) Sisson, Paul

For a decade, Bill Kampine has run a popular website that helps consumers determine fair prices for medical procedures. The co-founder of Healthcare Bluebook says one of the most important things people need to understand is that medical pricing is extremely variable.

Gooden Visits Local Surgery Center
Mesquite News (10/08/17)

State Rep. Lance Gooden of District 4 was in Mesquite on Sept. 27 and paid a visit to the North Texas Team Care Surgery Center. He spoke with the staff about the rising cost of healthcare and how to be part of a reducing the cost of healthcare in Mesquite.

Scientists Have Developed Surgical Glue That Seals Wounds in 60 Seconds
ScienceAlert (10/04/17) Nield, David

Scientists have developed an elastic, adhesive surgical glue that could transform emergency treatments by sealing up critical wounds in the skin or the organs, without the need for staples or sutures. The gel is based on methacryloyl-substituted tropoelastin (MeTro for short), a hybrid elastic protein, and can be squirted onto internal and external wounds to seal them up and encourage healing.

Survey: Majority of Patients, Healthcare Pros Have Positive Perception of EHRs
Healthcare Informatics (10/05/17) Landi, Heather

The majority of both patients and healthcare providers view the use of electronic health record (EHR) systems positively, according to a recent survey. However, the survey also reveals that switching to an EHR has only saved medical professionals an hour a week on the time they spend on paperwork.

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