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March 28, 2017


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        Take some time and thank our 2017 Affiliate Leaders listed below for their continued support of ASCA. For a complete list of ASCA's 2017 Affiliates, please follow the link

    ASCA Highlights

    Keep your ASC competitive by participating in ASCA’s free Salary and Benefits Survey. All ASCs are invited to take the survey and there is no cost to participate. ASCA members and nonmembers who complete at least 40 percent of the survey will receive personalized results for free. The Salary and Benefits Survey will not be conducted again until 2019, so make sure your ASC participates by Friday to get access to this valuable information. Participate now.
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    Whether you are looking for a new supplier, hiring a consultant or purchasing equipment, you can find the answers you need in the exhibit hall at ASCA 2017, May 3–6 in Washington, DC. Hundreds of vendors will be on site at ASCA’s annual meeting to answer your questions and provide the expertise your ASC is looking for. If you have not already made plans to attend ASCA 2017, register today.
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    Represent your ASC on Capitol Hill by participating in ASCA’s National Advocacy Day events, May 3 and 4. This is your opportunity to meet face-to-face with your representatives in Congress and advocate for issues that affect your ASC. To help you prepare for your meetings, ASCA will provide a briefing on key policy concerns. National Advocacy Day will be held in conjunction with ASCA 2017. Register now.
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    During ASCA’s next webinar, "Reading the Tea Leaves—What Are the Top Ten Regulatory Risks Your ASC Will Face in 2017?," Robert Liles, managing member of Liles Parker PLLC, will discuss recent actions against health care providers’ practices and go over the challenges your ASC is likely to face this year. The webinar is scheduled for April 11 at 1:00 pm ET, and the cost is $100 for ASCA members and $150 for nonmembers. This webinar is also included in the 2017 Webinar All-Access Pass, which includes the live events and recordings for all 18 webinars.
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    At ASCA 2017—May 3–6 in Washington, DC—you can take advantage of more than 60 educational sessions, advocate for your ASC, network with your peers and more. To learn more about the opportunities available at ASCA 2017, visit the ASC Focus web site.
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    Last week, ASCA representatives met with staff from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (the Innovation Center). The Innovation Center with CMS supports the development and testing of innovative health care payment and service delivery models. Learn more.
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    Industry News

    Surgery Centers Seeing Lots of Consolidation
    Healthcare Dive (03/24/17) Bryant, Meg

    Ambulatory surgery centers are becoming a hot target for acquisition as more care shifts to outpatient settings to contain costs and get patients home quickly, according to an analysis by Axios. Recent financial reports from some of the biggest surgery center chains, including Envision Healthcare (31 percent operating margin on $1.3 billion in revenue), Surgical Care Associates (19 percent margin on $1.3 billion revenue) and Surgery Partners (15 percent margin on $1.1 billion revenue), show business is booming.

    TRSA Showcase   Training Video Demonstrates Best Practices for Handling Soiled Linen
    FREE training to comply with OSHA precautions for handling soiled linen saturated with bodily fluids, residues and other potentially infectious materials. Click here to receive a flash drive with The Six C’s video, a follow-up quiz on its content and a poster to keep this training top-of-mind with employees.
    Surgeon Scorecards Lower Supply Costs
    Health Leaders Media (03/20/2017) Thew, Jennifer

    Surgeons who received monthly cost feedback in the form of scorecards combined with a financial incentive lowered their surgical supply costs by 6.5 percent. How much is that retractor in the window?

    Can Nashville Find Cure for Price Blindness in Health Care?
    Tennessean (03/26/17) Tolbert, Alex

    This month, local price transparency company Healthcare Bluebook launched its price comparison tool for residents of Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. In providing its full database, Healthcare Bluebook has created an opportunity for Nashville consumers to cure what the company has coined as "price blindness," or the inability to evaluate what a medical procedure will cost before receiving it.

    Some Lawmakers Now Look to Bipartisanship on Health Care
    New York Times (03/26/17) Pear, Robert; Shear, Michael D.

    The sudden death of legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act has created an opening for voices from both parties to press for fixes to the acknowledged problems in President Barack Obama's signature health law, as lawmakers and some senior White House officials appealed for bipartisanship. But the White House, still smarting from a disastrous defeat on Friday, appeared uncertain on the path forward.

    Study: For Post-Op Patients, Mobile Apps for Follow-Up Care Led to Fewer In-Person Visits
    Healthcare Informatics (03/23/17) Leventhal, Rajiv

    For patients undergoing ambulatory surgery, those who used a mobile app for follow-up care attended fewer in-person visits post- operation than patients who did not use the app, according to a study in JAMA Surgery. Researchers from Toronto set out to determine whether follow-up care delivered via a mobile app can be used to avert in-person follow-up care visits compared with conventional, in-person follow-up care in the first 30 days following ambulatory surgery.

    Baby Boomers Stay Hip With Joint Replacements
    Vadnais Heights Press (03/22/17) Moore, Sara Marie

    The generation that swayed to rock 'n' roll and has seen some of the greatest advances in medical technology in human history isn't slowing down anytime soon. Hip and knee replacements are on the rise, and the Summit Orthopedics Vadnais Heights Surgery Center is at the forefront of the trend, both in the Twin Cities and across the nation.

    Bundled Payments Continue to Show Success
    PR Newswire (03/22/17)

    Remedy Partners, the episodes of care company, announced today that it has seen positive results with voluntary bundled payment models, delivering 7.7 percent savings for episodes of care under Medicare's Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative. That's more than $120 million of cost savings to the Medicare Trust Fund in 2017 alone.

    For Surgeons in the OR, a Way to Fight Bad Posture
    EurekAlert (03/14/17)

    The psychological stress that surgeons face is well-documented. Less understood is the physical stress they endure from spending hours in awkward positions in the operating room.

    Senate Republicans Introduce Multiple Certificate of Need Reform, Repeal Bills
    North State Journal (03/25/17) Moore, Jeff

    As health care reform efforts are drawing attention in the nation's capital, Republican state senators in Raleigh are also seeking to reform what they describe as burdensome regulations that arbitrarily restrict access to, and increase the cost of health care for North Carolinians. A series of bills were filed Wednesday to reform or repeal Certificate of Need (CON) laws that regulate health care facilities.

    If You've Avoided Colonoscopies Because of the Icky Prep, Help May Be on the Way
    Washington Post (03/20/17) Cimons, Marlene

    In a sense, children have had it better than grown-ups when it comes to patient-friendly care. They get to take flavored medications and at least one vaccine (oral polio) that is needle-free, with more probably on the way.

    APMs, Health Data Exchange Among Top Payer Reform Goals
    HealthPayer Intelligence (03/22/17)

    The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) offered policymakers and stakeholders health care reform priorities, including alternative payment models (APMs) and health data exchange, that aim to lower overall health care costs and improve patient outcomes. The report outlines four priorities that involve designing value-based reimbursement models, improving caregiver and patient engagement, collaborating with communities to build health resources, and advancing health care data accessibility and sharing.

    Olympus' Redesigned Scope Is Linked to Infection Outbreak
    Los Angeles Times (03/22/17) Petersen, Melody

    Doctors have tied a superbug outbreak at a foreign health facility to a medical scope that Olympus modified last year in an attempt to reduce its risk of spreading bacteria between patients. Five patients treated with the modified device tested positive for the same potentially deadly bacteria, according to a report filed with the Food and Drug Administration.

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