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March 7, 2017


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        Take some time and thank our 2017 Affiliate Leaders listed below for their continued support of ASCA. For a complete list of ASCA's 2017 Affiliates, please follow the link

    ASCA Highlights

    ASCA 2017 Early Registration Savings End March 17

    Don't miss out on saving $100 on your registration for ASCA 2017, May 3–6 in Washington, DC. Sign up for ASCA’s annual meeting by March 17 to take advantage of the early registration discount. ASCA members can enjoy additional savings by registering groups of two or more attendees at the same time. ASCA 2017 will offer the tools and resources you need to help your ASC thrive, so if you have not already made plans to attend, register today.
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    While you are at ASCA 2017, take advantage of your time in Washington, DC, by participating in ASCA’s National Advocacy Day events, May 3 and 4. This is your opportunity to meet with your representatives in Congress and advocate for issues that matter to your ASC. Prior to your meetings, ASCA staff will provide a continuing education-eligible (CE-eligible) briefing to help you prepare. The deadline to sign up is April 14. Register today.
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    Submit your ASC’s data now to ASCA’s free Salary and Benefits Survey, and get the data you need to help your ASC keep its compensation package competitive so you can attract and retain the best staff. ASCA’s survey collects national, regional and state data on 20 ASC positions and allows your ASC to filter the results to benchmark its information with ASCs from the same region, with a similar number of employees, within the same specialty and more. Both ASCA member and nonmember ASCs are invited to participate at no cost. All ASCs that complete at least 40 percent of the survey will receive personalized results for free. Participate now.
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    TRSA Showcase   Training Video Demonstrates Best Practices for Handling Soiled Linen
    FREE training to comply with OSHA precautions for handling soiled linen saturated with bodily fluids, residues and other potentially infectious materials. Click here to receive a flash drive with The Six C’s video, a follow-up quiz on its content and a poster to keep this training top-of-mind with employees.

    ASCA’s Online Training Series lets you earn continuing education (CE) credits without leaving your desk. The series consists of 24 courses that apply specifically to ASCs and are designed to train staff on the latest regulations and standards of care. Three new courses are available this year: "The Importance of Hand Hygiene Compliance," "Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Influenza in Ambulatory Care” and “Latex Allergy.” Significant discounts are available for ASCs that purchase multi-year subscriptions, and the new registration process allows ASCs with 50 or fewer learners to complete their purchase online. Sign up today.
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    To help ASCA advocate for your ASC and others, please complete ASCA's brief survey that aims to determine which procedures should be added to the list of ASC-payable procedures for 2018. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will soon be considering if any procedures should be added to the list of procedures considered clinically appropriate for ASCs to provide to Medicare beneficiaries. Information provided in this survey will help ASCA advocate for the expansion of the list. Participants must complete one survey for each procedure they would like added and all surveys must be submitted by March 17. Complete the survey.
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    Michelle George, RN, CASC, vice president of clinical services at Surgical Care Affiliates, will present “Driving Performance through Clinical Benchmarking” at ASCA 2017, May 3–6, in Washington, DC. She will describe the benefits of benchmarking your facility’s clinical results and discuss how to design and implement a successful clinical benchmarking program in the ASC setting.

    To learn more about benchmarking your facility’s metrics with other ASCs, visit the ASC Focus web site.
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    Today, the US Senate Finance Committee voted to move Ms. Seema Verma’s nomination to serve as the administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) forward. Ms. Verma was a health policy consultant and played a key role in Medicaid reform under Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and Vice President Mike Pence. Next, the Senate will schedule a vote to confirm her nomination. ASCA will continue to monitor this process and keep members apprised of any new developments.

    For more information regarding Ms. Verma’s confirmation, write Kristin Murphy at
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    Industry News

    Nation Sees Near Doubling in Colorectal Cancer Screening in 2015 Compared With 2000
    CDC News Release (03/03/17)

    More adults are getting recommended screening tests for colorectal cancer, but not for breast or cervical cancers, according to data released today in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. The nation saw a gain in colorectal cancer screening in 2015 compared with 2000 for whom screening is recommended, from 33 percent to 62 percent in men and from 35 percent to 63 percent in women.

    Colon and Rectal Cancers Rising in Young People
    New York Times (02/28/17) Rabin, Roni Caryn

    Cancers of the colon and rectum have been declining in older adults in recent decades and have always been considered rare in young people. But scientists are reporting a sharp rise in colorectal cancers in adults as young as their 20s and 30s, an ominous trend.

    ACR and Other Groups Urge Congress to Pass CT Colonography Act (03/03/17) Dubinsky, Lauren

    The American College of Radiology and other physicians and patient groups are strongly urging Congress to pass the CT Colonography Screening for Colorectal Cancer Act that would provide Medicare coverage for the procedure. CT colonography, also known as virtual colonoscopy, uses CT or MR imaging to generate a 3-D image of the interior lining of the colon and rectum.

    How to Care for a Loved One After Same-Day Surgery
    Next Avenue (03/02/17) Welsh, John

    Not all caregiving for loved ones is a long-term commitment. With the growth of outpatient or same-day surgery, caregiving may now mean a commitment of several days or just one evening.

    Health Care Experiment Aims for Healthier Patients, Lower Costs
    Pew Charitable Trusts (03/02/17) Ollove, Michael

    This tiny state, with a population more rural and less diverse than the country as a whole, is embarking on an experiment that could transform the delivery of health care nationwide. Traditionally, doctors and hospitals are paid for each procedure, treatment or test they provide.

    Healthcare Organizations Make Slow Progress on Price Transparency
    Health Data Management (03/06/17) Van Dyke, Maggie

    It sounds logical: To turn patients into engaged health care shoppers, give them estimates of their out-of-pocket costs and show them how prices vary from provider to provider. Proponents believe transparency efforts will save patients money, level price variation across providers through increased competition, and lower U.S. health care costs.

    Sentinel Event Alert 57: The Essential Role of Leadership in Developing a Safety Culture
    Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert (03/01/17)

    In any health care organization, leadership's first priority is to be accountable for effective care while protecting the safety of patients, employees, and visitors. Competent and thoughtful leaders contribute to improvements in safety and organizational culture.

    Few People Know About Overlapping Surgery
    Reuters (02/28/17) Rapaport, Lisa

    Most people aren't aware that surgeons are sometimes involved in multiple operations happening at the same time, and many patients might object to the practice if they knew about it, a recent U.S. study suggests. Researchers focused on what's known as overlapping surgery, when a senior surgeon performs critical components of one operation at the same that a trainee surgeon or physician assistant handles a non-critical portion of another procedure.

    Neither Increased Access Nor Reduced Costs Achieved in States That 'Opt-Out' of Requiring Supervision Anesthesia
    Medical Xpress (03/01/17)

    "Opting-out" of the Medicare rule that requires anesthesia to be administered with physician supervision has little or no impact on access to either inpatient or outpatient surgery, according to a study published in Health Economics Review. Researchers also found the opt-out policy does not reduce costs, and in some cases may be associated with higher costs related to inpatient surgical care.

    Outpatient Cancer Surgery Center Packs Cutting Edge Technologies
    Health Data Management (03/03/17) Goedert, Joseph

    A range of the latest medical and information technologies are intended to improve care and patient experience at a just-opened outpatient cancer surgery facility in New York. Memorial Sloan Kettering Medical Center in January 2016 opened its new Josie Robertson Surgery Center, equipping clinicians with precise tools for surgeries and IT that supports patients in the care delivery process.

    Monterey Peninsula Surgery Centers Launches Minimus Institute
    PR Newswire (03/03/17)

    Monterey Peninsula Surgery Centers (MPSC), a highly respected surgical care provider and the largest locally-owned outpatient surgery organization in California, performs nearly 17,000 surgical procedures in 13 specialties annually. Every day more than 70 individuals and their families trust MPSC for their surgical care. MPSC's esteemed team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and patient service providers have been delivering extraordinary care to the communities of Monterey, Salinas and Santa Cruz for over 35 years.

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