Attend One World Surgery’s Virtual Gala


On Friday, October 30, 7:00 pm CST, One World Surgery (OWS) of Deerfield, Illinois, will host a virtual gala. ASCA is a premier sponsor of the gala and ASCA members may attend for free to learn more about OWS and get involved in its medical missions.

“We will have a 30-minute presentation that will include updates from our teams in Honduras and the Dominican Republic (DR),” says Maria Doria, medical missions manager of OWS. Attendants also will hear from OWS’s founders Peter Daly, MD, and LuLu Daly, and Angela, who as a child patient in Honduras inspired the start of OWS’s mission more than 10 years ago.

“Angela grew up in the children’s home, Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH), where the Dalys met her through their service with the organization,” Doria says. Angela was not able to get the surgery that she needed in Honduras and came back to Minnesota with the Dalys for the surgery. “Through Angela’s case, the Dalys saw the need for surgical care in Honduras and that’s how OWS began,” Doria says. Angela went back to Honduras after a year’s recovery. “The children at NPH are not adoptable, so the Dalys knew Angela would have to return home.” However, she is back now in the US to help the Dalys take care of their grandchild who was born with certain medical needs.

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OWS, a nonprofit, partners with communities, healthcare providers and leaders in healthcare to deliver high-quality surgical services globally. The ASCA Foundation has partnered with OWS and provides scholarships for OWS’s medical missions to Honduras.