Important Dates in May

May 1, 2020

What's happening this month:

Month of May

  • Visit ASCA’s online COVID-19 Resource Center to get the latest updates, resources and guidance on how to navigate the ongoing pandemic
  • Listen to the new Advancing Surgical Care Podcast, which ASCA developed to help ASCs navigate the challenges of the current COVID-19 operating environment (available to ASCA members only)
  • ASCA’s annual conference has transitioned to a virtual event—and registration is open! The ASCA 2020 Virtual Conference & Expo is happening live July 9–10 and will be accessible via recordings through the fall, so reserve your spot now

Sunday, May 31

Please note these changes to important dates for the following programs:

  • Data submission for ASCA’s new Culture of Safety Survey, originally set to open May 1, has been postponed to later in the year
  • Data submission for the ASC Quality Reporting (ASCQR) Program for CY 2019 services, originally due May 15, 2020, is now voluntary and no ASC will be penalized for not submitting data