Call for Nominations to ASCA Board of Directors

Dear Members,

The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) is seeking candidates to serve on the ASCA Board of Directors (members also serve on the ASCA Foundation Board). Having well-qualified individuals serve in leadership to guide ASCA is critical as our industry confronts today’s challenges. If you know of an individual who has the skills, experience and a commitment to devote time and energy to advocacy, please see if they are interested in serving on the ASCA/ASCA Foundation boards, and, if so, nominate them. Self-nominations are also welcomed.

To nominate someone, you must complete the Call for Nominations Online Form (or download the PDF form) and return it by December 27, 2017, with the nominee’s resume or CV, two letters of recommendation (with one preferably from an individual with whom the prospective nominee has interacted while engaged in service to the ASC industry, such as senior staff from an ASCA member management company, a state ASC association leader, or, in the case of a physician candidate, a leader from his or her medical specialty society) and a statement describing the special expertise and qualities of that individual. There are six openings, although we have four incumbents (one of whom is a physician) eligible for a second term. The Bylaws require that one-third of the Board be comprised of physicians, so at least one physician candidate will need to be elected.

Priority consideration for nominations will be given to those candidates who have served on ASCA/ASCA Foundation committees and/or state ASC association boards or committees, have participated in state and national legislative grassroots activities or have contributed to state and national ASC political action committees.

Preference will also be afforded to those with the CASC credential, where appropriate, based on the candidate’s employment. In addition, this year preference will be given to qualified candidates from independent surgery centers.

The Nominating Committee also seeks to ensure that no one ASC management company is over represented in the makeup of the Board. Over representation for these purposes would be defined as management company employees, not administrators or physicians, representing more than the share of the management company’s share of ASCA membership.

When considering physician nominees, the Nominating Committee also gives preference to those with service on

  • the board or committee of a national medical specialty society;
  • the certification board or committee of the physician’s specialty; and/or
  • the board or committee of a state medical or specialty society.

Board members serve on both the ASCA and ASCA Foundation boards, attend at least three Board meetings per year, work with committees, participate in ASC activities, promote the ASC industry and work on a variety of strategic projects throughout the year. New Board members participate in a comprehensive orientation to prepare them for their Board role. To be eligible, individuals must be a designated representative of a Corporate Member or Facility Member of ASCA. Please note: all nominees selected by the Nominating Committee will be subject to a standard background check before balloting will commence.

Please complete the form online or download and return it with a resume or CV, recommendation letters and statement to Dee Bellfield via email to, via fax to 703.549.0976 or by mail to 1012 Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

Thank you,

Bill Prentice
Chief Executive Officer

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