Completing the Financial Measures in the ASCA Benchmarking Survey

January 5, 2015

Learn how to accurately answer the new financial questions for ASCA Benchmarking, ASCA's clinical and operational benchmarking survey, and how to apply what you learn from the survey's report to bring about operational improvements in your ASC during ASCA's next webinar "Completing the Financial Measures in the ASCA Benchmarking Survey." The program will be offered Tuesday, January 13, at 1:00 pm ET. ASCA Benchmarking subscribers can register for free.

Join John Goehle, MBA, CASC, CPA, chief operating officer of Ambulatory Healthcare Strategies, as he:

• Reviews the new financial questions in the survey, and defines precisely what each asks


• Identifies where ASCs can obtain the information needed to accurately answer the questions


• Provides tips and guidance for putting the data and survey's reports to work in your ASC


• Gives specific examples of ways the data can be used for process improvement


• Explains how to use the financial statistics included in the report for internal and external benchmarking

Nursing continuing education and AEU credit is available, and multiple members of your staff can participate using the same online connection. Participate in the live broadcast to ask your questions real-time during the presentation. Register today.