Cohort 5 Enrollment Open for AHRQ’s Safety Program for Ambulatory Surgery

January 26, 2015

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s (AHRQ) Safety Program for Ambulatory Surgery is designed to improve communication, teamwork and quality in your ASC. Click here to enroll.

The program will focus on effectively implementing a surgical safety checklist as a means of reducing infections and complications. The 12-month patient safety improvement collaborative is led by the Health Research and Educational Trust (HRET), an affiliate of the American Hospital Association, along with others partners (which include ASCA and the ASC Quality Collaboration).

The first four cohorts of this program have drawn excellent reviews from the participating facilities. Participants reported that the program helped to:

• Empower staff and make physicians and surgeons aware of the importance of open discussion about safety and protocol.


• Create a better culture of safety while striving to learn more about data collection and reporting.


• Create an environment of support and awareness in their facilities.

Since its inception, 362 facilities, including many ASCA members, have enrolled in the course and many have reported that it has helped them to improve data collection and reporting procedures, which will be important as we reach the advent of CMS reporting.

If you are interested in learning more, on February 2, the national program team will be hosting a webinar to help explain the program and its goals. To participate in this webinar, click here to register.

Enrollment is open now and will continue until the program begins on March 30. Click here to enroll.