Conscious Sedation and Competency for Non-Anesthesia Staff (RN)

September 5, 2013

If you're a nurse and you administer moderate sedation, or you monitor or recover patients who receive moderate sedation, register now for ASCA's next webinar on Tuesday, September 10, at 1:00 pm ET. ASCA members save $50!

While moderate sedation—also known as conscious sedation—can improve a patient's surgical experience, it can also be associated with complications. The potential risks involved make it critical for nurses who provide care to these patients to understand all aspects of the procedure.

During this program, Jan Odom-Forren, PhD, RN, CPAN, FAAN, assistant professor at the University of Kentucky's College of Nursing and co-editor of the Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing, will discuss:

  • Current scope of practice of moderate sedation

  • Competency issues involving administration and monitoring of the procedure

  • The sedation continuum, and the complications that can occur throughout

  • Managing complications and ensuring patient safety

  • Identifying high-risk patients

  • Types of sedatives and opioids used with moderate sedation

  • Case studies emphasizing the importance of patient safety

"Conscious Sedation and Competency for Non-Anesthesia Staff" will provide guidance and best practices useful to nurses who are caring for these patients for the first time and those with long years of experience. Register today!