All ASCA Members to Join ASCA Connect Automatically

July 18, 2012

ASCA Connect is currently the most vibrant discussion group for ASC professionals on the Web. This week, all ASCA members will be automatically subscribed to the Members Community on ASCA Connect. When that happens, all of ASCA's members will find it easier to take advantage of the wealth of information being shared on this new interactive platform.

Being a part of this community can benefit your ASC as well as the entire ASC community. Visit the site today to ask and answer questions, share best practices and learn how to run your ASC more efficiently and effectively.

Starting tomorrow morning, all ASCA members will receive a daily digest email featuring all of the discussion posts from the day before. In that email, you can reply to one of the discussions or post your own.

Being a part of the Members Community also gives you access to a library of resources that ASCA members have been sharing with each other, including a physician satisfaction survey, a hospital transfer checklist, a safe surgery checklist poster and more.

If you would like to unsubscribe from the daily digest emails, log in to ASCA Connect, scroll over ‘My Profile’ and click on ‘My Subscriptions.’ To stop receiving emails from the community, select ‘No Emails.’ To remove yourself from the community, select ‘Unsubscribe.’

Never logged in to ASCA's web site before? All ASCA members already have an account on ASCA’s web site, which includes full access to ASCA Connect. To log in, enter your email address and your last name (case sensitive) as your default password. For example, Jane O'Connell would use "O'Connell" to login and not “oconnell.” Once you log in you will be prompted to change your password to something more secure. If you have problems logging in, please email