Wisconsin Governor Signs ASC Legislation

April 10, 2012

Governor Scott Walker signed an amended version of SB 297, legislation originally drafted to eliminate the current assessment on ASCs in Wisconsin. The amended version was signed at a ceremony attended by industry leaders from the Association of Wisconsin Surgery Centers, Inc (WISCA).

Under current law, the state Department of Revenue (DOR) may impose an assessment on ASCs, and the state Department of Health Services (DHS) allocates any assessment among the ASCs in proportion to their gross patient revenue. The DOR must transfer 99.5 percent of all monies received from an assessment to the Medical Assistance (MA) trust fund, which finances a portion of the state’s Medical Assistance, or Wisconsin’s Medicaid program.

Pictured above (from left to right): Three of Governor Scott Walker's staffers; Jill Reimer; Andrew Cook; Govenor Scott Walker; State Representative Jeffrey Stone; LoAnn VandeLeest; Ronald Bullen; Dianne Wallace; and WISCA President Robert Kwech.

Amended language was necessary due to state budget constraints, and WISCA worked closely with the state legislature on a compromise. The revised legislation maintains the assessment, but provides that if at any time the federal government does not pay the federal share under the Medicaid program for any payment made with ASC assessment revenue, the DHS must refund those payments to the ASC. The amended language that was enacted mirrors how the hospital assessment is treated in the state.

Before making its way to the governor’s desk, the amended version of SB 297 passed both the Senate and Assembly with strong bipartisan support.

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