ASCA Members to Receive Daily Digest Emails from ASCA Connect

May 21, 2012

Currently, more than 400 ASCA members are discussing crucial topics related to their ASCs in the Members Community on ASCA Connect. Discussions have included total knee replacement, malignant hyperthermia, ASC conversions to HOPDs, trigger point injections and the provision of anesthesia.

Soon, all ASCA members who have given ASCA their email addresses will automatically become part of the community and will have the opportunity to participate in these online discussions. After this happens, those members will start receiving daily digest emails with all of the discussion posts from the previous day. Email recipients will be able to reply to that discussion or start a new one.

If you do not wish to receive daily digest emails, scroll over the 'My Profile' tab and click on 'My Subscriptions.' You can change the daily digest setting to real time, legacy (plain text) or no emails.

Join the community now to get started and engage in the conversation.

Don't have an account? All ASCA members already have an account. To log in to ASCA's web site, enter your email address and your last name (case sensitive) as your password. For example, O'Connell would be entered as "O'Connell" not "oconnell."

If your facility is a member but you haven't given ASCA your email address, or if you need to create a nonmember guest account, click here.

If you are having trouble logging in or receive an error message such as "Multiple accounts match this email address," please email