HHS Releases Final Rule on State Health Exchanges

March 12, 2012

HHS will give states "substantial flexibility" in running their health exchanges, according to NationalJournal.

The regulations explain states' functions, which include certifying “qualified health plans”; maintaining a web site for use in comparing plans; running a toll-free hot line for consumer support; providing grants to “Navigators” that provide consumer assistance; determining consumers’ eligibility of consumers for enrollment in qualified health plans; and helping them enroll.

HHS states in the executive summary released today that there are several other subjects from the Affordable Care Act that are not addressed in these rules but will be addressed in separate rule-making.

These include: the standards outlining the exchange process for issuing certificates of exemption from the individual responsibility policy and payment under section 1411(a)(4); the standards for exchanges and qualified health plan issuers related to quality and; the definition of essential health benefits, actuarial value and other benefit design standards.

Click here to read the final rule.