QualityNet Reporting Delayed Until At Least July 9

July 1, 2013

The reporting period for the web-based measures for the ASC Quality Reporting Program, scheduled to begin on July 1, 2013, has been delayed due to the need for continued software testing. Florida Medical Quality Assurance, Inc. (FMQAI), the national support contractor for the Hospital Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgical Center Quality Reporting Programs, anticipates that access to measures ASC-6 (Safe Surgery Checklist Use) and ASC-7 (ASC Facility Volume Data on Selected ASC Surgical Procedures) will be enabled by July 9. ASCs will be alerted to the new start date for reporting through the ASCQR ListServe as soon as the web-based tool becomes available.

ASCs that provide services to Medicare beneficiaries must verify their use of a safe surgery checklist during 2012 and report 2012 volume data for certain procedures to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). ASCs that fail to report this information will face payment reductions from Medicare in 2015. ASCs must report this information via Medicare’s QualityNet web site.

Measure #1: Safe Surgery Checklist Use

To report on the use of a safe surgery checklist, ASCs will indicate whether they used a safe surgery checklist at any point during the year 2012. Surgery centers do not need to use a specific checklist in order to be able to answer yes. Instead, ASCs are allowed to answer in the affirmative as long as their checklist addresses safe surgical practices in three perioperative periods: the period prior to the administration of anesthesia, the period prior to skin incision, and the period of closure of incision and prior to the patient leaving the operating room. More information on the safe surgery checklist measure, including examples of checklists, is available on ASCA’s web site.

Measure #2: Surgical Volume

To report the surgical volume measure, ASCs will provide the aggregate count of selected procedures within six specified specialty categories. All patients—including both Medicare and non-Medicare beneficiaries—will be included in the count. The list of six specialty categories and included procedures is available here. Instructions for entering the web-based measure data, including screenshots of the data entry pages, are available here, in the June 2013 presentation titled, “Quality Reporting Cram Session: Web-Based Measures, Initial Data Review, and the Reconsideration Process.”

Click here for more information on Medicare’s entire ASC quality reporting program.

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