ASCA's Free Medicare Quality Reporting Toolkit Now Available

August 20, 2012

Medicare’s new ASC quality reporting program begins October 1, 2012. To help ASCs meet the program’s requirements, ASCA has developed a free Medicare quality reporting toolkit. Click here to download your copy today.

ASCA is also mailing free print copies of these materials to all Medicare-certified ASCs. The kits should arrive in late August/early September.

Materials in the toolkit, sponsored by GHN-Online and McKesson, include:

  • a timeline of important dates and events;

  • a list of the quality data G-codes ASCs will need to use to report certain data;

  • a list of frequently asked questions;

  • required safe surgery checklist information; and

  • a sample CMS-1500 claim form that shows where your ASC will be submitting most of its quality data reports.

The list of G-codes is conveniently sized for your ASC’s business office staff to post or keep by their side when they are inserting the new G-codes onto Medicare claim forms.

ASCA is encouraging all ASCs to review these materials carefully so that they are prepared to meet the new program’s requirements. ASCs that do not comply will face reductions in their Medicare payments in the future. Also, CMS intends to make these reports public, and reports that indicate good outcomes among ASCs will strengthen the ASC community’s record of providing quality care. They could also lead to escalating levels of confidence among the patients and physicians who rely on your ASC.

Click here for more information about Medicare’s new quality reporting program.