New Salary and Benefits Survey Coming Soon

March 2, 2015

ASCA will be launching a revamped Salary and Benefits Survey this summer. The survey, which collects national and regional data on 20 ASC positions, is an important tool for ASCs to use to attract and retain the best employees.

ASCA’s Salary and Benefits Survey will allow ASCs to compare their compensation packages to similar ASCs and use the data to help negotiate a raise or determine the salary and benefits for a new position. ASCs will be able to benchmark their information with ASCs from the same region, ASCs with a similar number of employees, ASCs of the same specialty, ASCs with a similar number of patient encounters and more.

The new online platform will provide users with personalized graphical reports and countless options for data comparison to create the most meaningful reports possible. With 24/7 online availability, users will also be able to enter data when and where they want.

Click here to download the 2012 National Report as well as state-specific reports from the 2012 survey.