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ASC Focus Magazine

ASC Focus is the official magazine of ASCA. It is published monthly except for a combined June-July issue and a combined November-December issue. (ASCA members receive a free subscription as part of their association membership.)

September 2014


Features of the September issue include:

Running Lean – Use benchmarking to reduce costs and monitor the success of your efforts.

Measure Up – Case study: Driving quality improvement with benchmarking.

Marketing and Selling Protected Health Information – How to stay HIPAA-compliant.

Virtual Connection – Add social media to your ASC's marketing mix.


ASC Focus Editorial Calendar 2014


Primary Feature

Secondary Feature


Controlling Costs in Your ASC

Managing Common Human Resources Challenges


Understanding State and Federal Advocacy

Industry Trends and Strategies to Help Your ASC Succeed


Complying with the New HIPAA Requirements

Should You Joint Venture, Sell or Remain Independent?


Building Your ASC's Bottom Line

Managing Quality in Your ASC


ASCA 2014 Meeting Preview

Professional Development for Your ASC's Staff


New Developments in Ambulatory Surgery

Promoting Patient Safety Inside Your ASC


Managing a Small, Independent ASC

Professional Development for Your ASC's Staff


Marketing Your ASC

Using Benchmarking to Drive Improvement in Your ASC


Financial Planning for 2015 and Beyond

Legal Lessons that Protect Your ASC


Ethics and Your ASC

Coding & Billing Secrets to Success

Specific titles may change or be eliminated without prior notice.

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Editorial Guidelines for Contributors

The editors eagerly welcome contributions by external authors with expertise in the issues and topics relevant to the magazine’s audience: busy ASC professionals. These guidelines are intended to tell potential authors what they need to know about the magazine’s requirements and how to submit a story proposal.

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